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Fun town and nightlife. There is always something going on and the history here is amazing! The beaches are easy to find and very clean.
St. Augustine is a beautiful city to visit. It offers white sand beaches, 5 star dining, history, and its the oldest city in America.
St. Augustine is a great city to live in. Close to the ocean, downtown has a ton to do. There is a lot of tourists in the area, which is the only the negative.
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Beautiful town on the water and it is so historic! I have been living here for a few months now and I absolutely love it. I currently live walking distance from the beach which is incredible.
I have been in St. Augustine for about 10 years and love the historic feel of downtown and the agricultural feel of the outer city limits AND the beaches.
Saint Augustine is a beautiful, breathtaking, amazing place to live and explore. You have many different things that you are go look at. You can go to the beach, the city, downtown, and the country. So beautiful. I love it here.
St. Augustine gives the best of both worlds to a resident, you are able to live in a costal setting while also being within a 30 minute drive to a booming metropolitan area.
I love it here, I have lived here for over 15 yrs. I work for the Fire Deapartment whichs onlys me to see places in the county that I did not know existed. I just wish they would slow down the rate of urban development and construction.
It was a small town with little traffic. Now with more tourism and building it is turning into a bigger city and I do not like that.
I have lived in St. Augustine almost my whole life. I have had a joyous experience here! St. Augustine has so many amenities that are a wonderful addition to life. It has so many different jobs and places to shop. It is perfectly located around several other large cities and also has rural areas nearby.
I have always felt safe. I know many people who feel safe enough to leave their doors unlocked. The school systems are very nice.
The downtown historic area is absolutely beautiful at night and is worth at least a couple of visits. However, more street entertainment should be provided not just for the tourist but for residents who get bored from the same streets.
I love it here! St. Augustine is one of the most welcoming/historical places to be in! There are amazing restaurants, schools, places to visit or hangout, and activities . In St.Augustine, they have the most friendliest people.
I am living in St Augustine while I go to college and the little touristy town has really surprised me. I love downtown, the beach, and how close most things are. I like the smallness of the town because it gives more opportunity to venture outside of it, in a small amount of time. The people here are pretty friendly and accepting.
My city is beautiful. Moving from the North, I was apprehensive there would be a culture shock, and I won't lie, I wasn't much of a beach person. But St. Augustine, Florida is a gorgeous place to live and go to school. As a history major, I appreciated the Spanish Colonial architecture that lines the streets, and as it's the oldest city in the continental United States, I'm constantly discovering new bits of history and places to explore. Pink sunsets, mom-and-pop shops, a litany of museums, and even a large stonework Spanish fort; St. Augustine is a dream. Spanish moss lines the boulevards, and while the tourist traffic is heavy sometimes, the sun shines on the cobblestone streets every morning and every night, the sky is heavenly pink. The rent is pretty high, however, so Niche is you could give me this scholarship, well that'd be swell.
Downtown is beautiful and has an amazing history. There are plenty of tours all over town for people to learn more about the towns history. There are tons of local shops and restaurants to eat at.
Beautiful downtown area, lots of historical artifacts and great place to visit. A variety of cuisines and dishes to try out. Roads are not too jammed except on public holidays. Nearby beaches are clean and run for miles along the coast. Housing is relatively affordable and neighborhoods are very safe.
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Living in St Augustine is a great experience. You are able to enjoy the beach as well as live in a community with great schools.
Beautiful city! Has a little bit of everything, a historic area full of education and history. Beaches that provide an adventure shark teeth hunting and meeting mermaids. Wonderful state parks to show off the different types of plants and wildlife in the area. There is something for everyone here.
There is far too little care here for the major Human Trafficking issue. It's very upsetting to see. As well, the living cost is far too high for what most workers here are paid, and there is little parking in areas where it is needed. There is NO public transportation, which is simply abhorrent for a tourist city such as our own.
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