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In my Vermont town (not burlington), the police are always around, patrolling. There are a few crime, but nothing of real concern, the usual.

Vermont is quiet and peaceful, however, people with little education tend to repeat the mistakes their parents made. So, those who don't know what to do with themselves tend to do a lot of drugs. But, you'll find that wherever you go.

- full of outdoor adventures, physical and nonphysical

- the scenery is outstanding (especially during the fall!)

- people are more polite here

- the societal bond is stronger here

- it's a great place to lay back

- its full of wildlife; there are beautiful sounds of birds, frogs, etc.

- if you live in an area with a few acres, then your pets can have lots of room to roam
Quite neighborhood with lots of friendly people
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The landscape is stunning. I would move back for the beauty alone. However, businesses are always struggling and closing down, the people tend to be very unmotivated and depressed, and the activities for people to be involved in are lacking.
This area is rich with parks and natural beauty. There are countless opportunities for fishing, swimming, camping, biking, hiking and picnicking in the summer and countless opportunities for skiing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, sledding and ice skating in the winter.
There are many nice houses in this area that are reasonably priced. There has been a lot of development of new housing neighborhoods in nice areas of town. Houses in the middle of the small city are older but still seem to be kept up quite well and the yards are tidy and nice.
We are blessed to have 4 very diverse seasons here in this area. We have wonderful, warm Summers and long, frigid, snowy Winters. Spring comes with mud and the boiling of maple sap to make maple syrup which the area is well known for. Fall is absolutely beautiful with the vibrant, colorful foliage. summer is generally in the 80's. Winter temps range from -20 to 32. Winter comes with lots of snow and ice.
There are numerous restaurants in the area that I would highly recommend. They are locally owned and serve excellent food as well as have excellent service. There are a couple nice places to go for drinks but there are also some pretty run down type places. If you look you can often find live music playing in a couple of the restaurant/bars on Main Street in the evening. Open mic nights are always a fun time.
There are a variety of job opportunities in this area. There are lots of retail stores and restaurants. There is a hospital and many doctors offices. There are 3 schools within the town. There is a large pharmaceutical company that has recently been expanding. There is also an industrial park with numerous factory type jobs.
This town is home to many small locally owned businesses. A stroll down Main Street will bring you by quite a variety of small specialty stores and restaurants. It is truly an enjoyable experience to wander through the shops and know you are getting quality products and supporting local people. There are 3 large grocery stores to choose from. There is also a Walmart for all of your household needs at prices that fit a tight budget. There are several fitness centers in town but all are a bit pricey.
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