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I would like to see diversity being accepted and not challenged. I would like to see more supports for our community. Less drug problems
Moved here when I was 11 and now I am 18 loved the town school and BFA has great academics and the city has a lot of things to do in it and the city is always evolving. My siblings and I take my dog for a walk all the time and we feel that the city is safe enough sidewalk wise and they even have a dog park not too far away from anyone. Hard'ack is a great universal place to hang out in any season. They offer skiing and snowboarding with a tow rope to bring you up the hill and they even build great jumps and rail features. Right next to the snowboard/ski hill is the sledding hill where families can hike up a massive hill and sled all the way down and the kids can be tuckered out real quick.
Over all a very quite town. Well known for maple syrup. Not a whole lot to do unless you are willing to drive to the bigger cities. The trees and mountains are beautiful in the fall. Great snowboarding and skiing locations.
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The downtown renovation over the last 5 years have stimulated the downtown activity. It has brought in several local businesses and brought additional income into the city.
Saint Albans, is home but has its negative sides too. I enjoy the park and the local businesses that are supported on Main street. There is also a big Walmart, a movie theater, and nightlife that brings the community together. There are parts of the town that need to be worked on and there is issues with drugs but I enjoy living there and being close to family.
I wish i could see a change in cost of living. I formerly lived in st albans and it is expensive. I also would like to see a change in the drug problem here.
Beautiful state.
Available Healthcare.
High rate of poverty.
Med. rate crime.
Job availability in medical and education fields plenty.
St. Albans is a small town with all the amenities. Great schools, shopping, and a hospital are the necessities, and many parks and recreation areas are the fun! Sometimes this town gets a bad rap, but I feel safe and although we have only lived here for five years, we have made many friends and there are so many great educational and recreational opportunities for everyone in our family, from babies to adults, and dogs too!
St. Albans, VT has a lot to offer ranging from various restaurants to many places to shop. There are a couple nice parks including Killcare and Taylor Park. A con is that there is almost always construction going on which can decrease travel time through the city.
It needs a lot of work. I believe the city and town need a bigger police force with a greater presence to help reduce the drug related crime in the area. Due to a lack of police presence, drug deals take place out in the open with little discretion, and the people involved can be very threatening to those around.
I love living here and think that the people are great and there's a lot of potential. I'm glad that I moved to Saint Albans, and appreciate the work they are doing to revitalize the downtown area. I would like to see more money go into infrastructure and job creation. I believe more and better paying jobs would lead to a much higher quality of life for the area residents and a revitalization of the city and town, leading to more revenue from residents as well as potential tourists, especially those visiting from Canada.
In Saint Albans there are not a lot of abandoned properties, and most houses are filled. However the cost of living is clearly divided and there are the good and bad places to live in town. There are place there are more run down and have more people to worry about and others that are in good living situations.
I feel that in Saint Albans there are enough community events that happen and that they try to get people involved. The people of Saint Albans are very to them self and don't really get out much but the people who do are friendly and are apart of everything.
The crime in Saint Albans is slowly on the rise, and the safety is declining. I feel that people aren't as safe as they used to be and that the people who do commit these crimes don't get into enough trouble.
I think that Saint Albans is not a bad place, I feel the community is very close and try to help one another. I am not entirely sure if I would chose to live here again.
I love the neighbors that I have. The street is not too loud, but not too quiet. There is not too much traffic because it is a dead end road. I feel safe.
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