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It is a very small and quiet town. The food places and restaurants are pretty good. As for the school system, when I️ was in high school, it was decent. The faculty and staff were overall nice.
Great town! Safe, lots to do, plenty of parks to get outdoors with. Considering buying our home here. Access to NYC via bus routes and nearby towns have train stations to the city.
Springfield is a safe family friendly town with good public schools.
I would like to see more cultural diversity within all of the school's faculty and town businesses.
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I love Springfield. You get to see farms on every drive, but you can also drive ten minutes away to get to your favorite stores. It is the perfect medium between rural life and city life.
I lived here since I was 6 I'm now 21 and feel like I have no ties to the area. Not a lot goes on around here, the "downtown" is just a string of not really interesting stores on both side of a street, and there's not really anywhere cool or popular to hang out. It is safe from my perspective,(I'm a guy) I bike and run at night and have had no moment where I've been afraid because of the area. the school system is pretty average there are usually a couple of kids going to ivy league and others who don't go to college. the county high schools are better academically and you need to test in while in middle school and they provide bussing so it's not hard to do, but is hard to do high school sports if you go there.
Growing up in Springfield is the best think any kid could ask for. Its a great community with even more amazing people. It's also extremely safe so you don't have to worry about any violence like you need to in other towns. Everything you could possibly need is in this town. Theres no reason to leave.
I can't believe you can live here in almost a bad county but I might be a resident here i'm excited!
Springfield Township is a nice quiet area with a plethora of activities and dining options; from local businesses, to chain restaurants, Springfield offers the best of itself to those that are looking to spend the day or to move in and become one of its residents.
better public schools and a better downtown area with better nightlife. Also, using the money of taxes more wisely. For example, we get a lot of money from Baltusrol golf club, and we used to buy a turf field and new tennis courts for the school even though we need more stores for people and better roads in some areas. Some of the things out town buys just makes absolutely no sense to me.
The schools in Springfield are good. However, there is nothing to do on the weekend. There are no parties, and if someone throws one they are very exclusive. Most of time, people just drive around because they are so bored.
Nothing to change. I live close to work and plenty of shopping, movies and dinning out. No night life. The area is always clean. Close to major highways and easy to travel. Don't have to travel far for dinning out, plenty of place and different cultures.
I like Springfield because it allowed me to make friends for life and it is a safe place to live with my family.
Springfield is a quiet, peaceful, family-oriented town. I have lived there for quite some time now and enjoy it.
I love living in Springfield, NJ. It is a quiet, the residents are friendly and they have a good school system.
Springfield has a lot to offer for families. I have lived here for the 24 years of my life and worked here since I was 17 years old. I get to meet all the locals and enjoy showing any new residents all that there is to do in town with their children. Its a great place to raise a family that offers many recreational activities, restaurants and shopping malls on route 22.
There are rarely any serious crimes and there is a heavy police presence.
I would not choose to stay here for the rest of my life, but Springfield was a nice town to grow up in.
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I have never noticed any kind of problem relating to or resulting from the police department.
I've lived in Springfield nearly my entire life and overall I've had a great experience. I've made many fiends and got a good education.
I love my apartment complex The Villas. I feel very safe and have enough stores closeby for comfort. The town is always promoting small business, which I love.
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