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Very conservative town that has little to do, poor upkeep on infrastructure, little concern for human rights, and remains rather racially segregated.
Springfield Illinois is home of the corn. There are not many things to do for the college aged population besides plenty of places to drink, which we should not be doing during the school year. Transportation is quick and easy around town.
Springfield is a mid-sized city that feels like a small town. Everything closes early, everyone seems to know each other, the business community is struggling, and the population is aging. There are some efforts happening to make positive change here, it just comes slowly.
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This town doesn’t have much to do. The crime rate is increasing every year and the city just allows it to continue to get worse. There aren’t many family friendly places to take your kids to. For being the capital of IL this town is really not big and boring. I wouldn’t recommend moving here unless your find a good job opportunity which I doubt will happen. The weather is terrible in the Midwest as well.
Springfield is a big small town. It's bigger than the surrounding towns, but small enough to where you can often run into someone you know when you go out. I think it's a great place to raise a family with many good public school options.
Excellent family town, but definitely two "sides of town". West side is the up and coming more wealthy. Plenty of history. No private schools that are not religious based.
Springfield is a great town with many things to do. It had many local restaurants, shopping centers, and local attractions. People are very friendly and overall it is a great town.
No matter the size, Springfield is like small town USA. We have the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum which is an incredible experience to walk through and learn from. I have taken my students on field trips to the museum and this place is clearly the main attraction for most tourism. We also have a lot of small businesses to frequent from coffee shops to small boutiques which is great to help the small business movement.
I enjoyed Springfield’s NONEXISTENT commutes. However, I prefer more urban environments and subsequently love Chicago, about 300 miles away.
I would have to say, I do enjoy living in Springfield, Illinois. For the fact of there are many more businesses, opportunity, and local activities and festivals to attend to.
Love the community, people choices of food and trails to walk. Lots of resources to choose from. Decent sized town to live in.
I’ve lived in Springfield for almost 13 years, the city has terribly declined, the job opportunities are very limited, and certain areas are overall poor quality. There’s really nothing to do outside of the tourist areas and few nightclubs. Almost everyone who are looking to do more in their life are leaving Springfield, and sometimes even Illinois.
Springfield can get boring fast, if you are looking towards doing something fun. The city's attractions are listed as museums, historical sites, and Abraham Lincoln related places. Of course if you are into history it'd be great for visiting once in a while but living here there isn't really anything site attraction wise that would separate the city from others.
Could be worse, could be better. I lived here through high school and couldn't wait to get out. It's filled with Boomers and Gen-Xers that worship Reagan and constantly complain about taxes and Chicago. The crime is pretty high per-capita. People here aren't real social. Moderate racism. Nothing really to do most of the year if you are under 55. Some good local restaurants though.
Springfield Il , is a quiet place. It's a nice town where it is easy to accomplish your goals because there aren't many outside distractions. With that being said one thing i would change would be the amount of activities available. My experience here has been fun but now that I've lived here for so long I think the city needs something new and fun.
People are so friendly and helpful. Some very nice, quiet neighborhoods. Fairly affordable. Downtown is easy to get around. No traffic to speak of. Main drawback is very limited public transportation.
The heartland of the Midwest. I would like to see more people be open-minded about other's differences, embracing them rather than alienating them.
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I like how everything in Springfield seems so tight-knit. At first it may seem like a far and spread out place but everything just comes together. Whether it's the downtown area, the public parks or the small restaurants. However, I would like to see some new places pop up. That can mean new restaurants, new hangout spots for teens and even a update to the public parks.
I live right in the heart of the city of Springfield. There are some rough parts of town, but the area I live in is walking distance from Washington Park. My neighbors are lovely, and the shopping here is abundant.
I have grown up and have lived in Springfield Illinois my entire life. I have visited other cities for various reasons but am very glad that I can call Springfield my home. I have always felt safe in the public high school I attended. I am thankful for the Catholic education I received at Blessed Sacrament School. I love the fact I lived near Washington Park. There are so many things that one can do there, the Route 66 festival downtown, Blues and Barbeque, to the annual city basketball tournament. It has over 117,000 people yet seems like a small town. The news coverage is adequate n most things but very good on high school sports. Lake Springfield is great for boating and fishing or just enjoying a sunset. Its's not just a punchline of the cartoon show the Simpsons. It a real town that was great to be from!
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