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Springfield is a small town just outside of Battle Creek MI. It's fairly quiet, home to a scuba school, gymnastics school, and seasonal farmers market. Over all it's a safe town, close to shopping and only about half an hour from Kalamazoo. Lots of factories in the area, and a local casino provide some job opportunities.
I would say there are an few parks to visit an few beaches it all depends on what you like to do.
I mean its not the best but it can get better with time and adjustment I mean I guess everything is an working progress I mean you can't just say its bad when its sort of an day to day process.
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the crime rate in the city is not as bad as it's projected because everywhere in the world there's going to be some type of crime going on.
I would say its ok it has it's moments because of the season I mean it's Michigan you know your not going to get to much heat so you have to make the most of it.
I think the job opportunity where I live is ok because there are jobs but a lot of them are factory's and don't fit every ones job skills so they don't normally workout.
Living where I live there isn't really to many places to go to have food or drinks I mean we have maybe 4 that I can think which is not a lot when you actually think about it.
Where I live our local sores are very average I mean there not the worst but there could be a lot of improvements to make them better for the customers. Overall these stores are what i've been accustomed to using so its not so bad when you really think about it.
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