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I moved to Springdale a little over a year ago for my senior year of high school. I love it here because there are a variety of schools in the area as well as restaurants and stores. The neighbors and people of this town are inviting and extremely friendly. There is a community center in the center of the town and it has all kinds of amenities including basketball courts (inside and outside), soccer fields, tennis courts and a pool and playground. The park maintenance and city maintenance keep the sidewalks clean and keep the area clean of weeds and over grown trees and bushes. The prices for housing vary depending on which part you reside in. Some places you can rent for cheap, others you pay twice as much every month. Then there is the diversity of people in this town. There are all ethnicities here and all ages from kids 10 and younger to some seniors over the age of 100. There is also diversity in the housing aspect as well.
I was visiting a relative that lives here. It’s seems like a small little town. Mix of cultures. But, what I don’t like about this town is if you live here you have to pay resident taxes. 2% of your income, pay late they charge you interest on top of a late fee. I hardly can believe such baloney. This is one place I would never want to live in.😬
Great city! good place to run, go on a jog! The police are always watching you, and driving around. The unemployment rate in Springdale is 4.1% (U.S. avg. is 3.9%). Recent job growth is Positive. Springdale jobs have increased by 0.79%.
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I love that Springdale is starting to focus on family activities again, though there is still room for improvement.
Springdale is about safety! Police,firefighters,etc are friendly and fast responding. It’s an safe area to raise an family in as well
what I like about Springdale is that its a safe friendly area, there is always something to do and great places to eat
Springdale is a well rounded area close to everything. They have a recreation center you can join your friends with in doing sports or activities and the summer time the pool. It would be nice if they could do more community activities like bring back the 4th of July show where everyone came out and had a great time. But still overall it is kept very nice and a good place to raise your family.
Very quiet and friendly neighborhood good school district love going to the Springdale recreation lots of activities to do.
People live in the area for a long time. Long enough to get kids from elementary to high school.
The experience is pleasant and safe in this neighborhood.
Dedinetly don't hear any gunshots or police sirens going off. It's safe enough that you and your family can go outaide and play.
It's a very nice place to live in. I like the fact that it's a safe environment. I can just have little cousins go outside and play. There a lots of kids outside, so no problem in finding friends to play. The apartmemts are overall normal, the maintenance just needs more improvement. I like that the apartment already comes with a fridge and an oven. I like how big the mirrors are in the apartment.
This community is okay to live in. There are a lot of young couples and young families that live in this area. There are alot of seniors and minorities as well.
It's okay but we did have a murder about a year ago in an apartment complex and the suspect was caught months later.
Not many crimes go on in my neighborhood. There isn't much to worry about.
People in the area tend to live in the area for a long time. I've been in the area for almost four years.
Sometimes the weather can seem a bit unnecessary.
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I love to walk around my area and get some good food. There is so much variety when it comes to restaurants. There's so much to chose from.
I was able to easily find good job in my neighborhood.
I live around a lot of restaurants and convenient stories. There are so many places to choose from in my neighborhood. I can get most things in my neighborhood: food, groceries, gas, clothes, etc.
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