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Commuting is really convenient because of the highly efficient metro system as well as the low amount of traffic.
grew up here. People are okay. Public schools around there are okay. Food options around there are also okay. There really isn't all much to the place.
Politicians are corrupt. the town is overbuilt infrastructure is in disrepair, taxes are to high and nobidy cares and us the citzens keep paying for it.
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Spring Valley is a little place just off the 87 interstate highway. whenever you meet someone in Manhattan and proceed to tell them where you live its always easiest to just say upstate even though you're only 30 minutes away. the town is mostly inhabited by minorities such as African and Caribbean Americans along with having a large Hispanic presence. there isn't an overwhelming presence of crime or malicious behavior. Though drug and thefts are fairly common in the neighborhood.
Base on what I have seen and read in books spring valley use to be a wonderful community to live in, get an education and raise a family in , but due to the corruption of those in control of the community it has and still is going down the drain. The politician here are more concerned with power rather than bettering the community as a whole. Still don't get me wrong there are still some wonderful part of the community that has not been infected but these are the parts that are closer to neighborhoods such has New City, Suffern, Nyack and Pomona
I would like to see change in the neighborhoods more activities, more after school programs, more wheelchair accessible housing. More friendly activities for people with disabilities. More activities for our senior citizens to do.
I would like to see the school district change. The amount of property taxes that homeowners pay does not reflect on the image and the reputation of the schools surrounding the area.
It's pretty safe. Definitely a place to raise children. I moved to Spring Valley, NY from Haiti in 1998. I was but three years old. My mother and I moved from house to house for a while until we found our home. We simply came to America for the same reason every foreigner does. A better life.
I like Spring Valley, because it is very family orientied. Its a small area so a lot of the families that live here are aqcuainted with each other, which is very ideal for raising families.
hello my name is Richardson Pierre i live in spring for about 10 years now, it nice suburb area close to the city and also closer to jersey. it a town that full of Caribbean, Hispanic, Jews and other race. it small town, everybody knows each other. i really like living there because news things are happening, for example how the community decided to help every kids that plan on going to college especially the coaches.
This is the most cultural place in New York. Unfortunately there is much corruption. It's sad to see such a great place become so little. I know there are people in my community, myself included, who are working to better this place and restore it to what it once was.
Spring valley is a good place for minorities. You can find a lot of great people there. There is a strong love for culture shown there and because it is not completely rich you can see how the other half lives while enjoying lots of great cultural food.
more trees more cleanness more parks and their should be a sea view or a waterfall or flower on the road sides
I really do enjoy Spring Valley every since I moved in. The Palasades Mall is only 10 - 15 min away and I love that every time I go there are families and young adults just having a great time together. I've been to the DMV and its nothing to what I thought it was going to be. The workers were very helpful they look like they actually enjoyed their jobs. The people are very welcoming as well and very helpful. Spring Valley is my new HOME!
Spring Valley is my hometown, I grew up here all of my life, it provided me with a fantastic education in which I graduated with high honors in high school and college. I wish the education board of school district was more diverse with people that I attended school with instead of the heads of Yeshiva's.
There aren't any crimes in the area that I live.
I've grown up in this area, I love the atmosphere and the people.
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The homes can accommodate 3-6 people, depending on the size
I personally do not know much about the people.
I do not witness a lot of crime in my neighborhood
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