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Spring Lake Park Reviews

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Spring Lake Park is a quiet suburb of Minneapolis that offers plenty of housing with friendly neighborhoods. It's an area where you get to know your neighbors and as neighbors, look out for each other.
The closeness to shopping, doctors and hospitals is extremely nice. I would like to see more parks for families to enjoy.
Spring Lake Park is a calm, casual suburb off of Minneapolis, Minnesota. There is no crime, lots of family homes with children going to school, and a friendly community.
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Its a wonderful place to live and great neighbours
It is a nice a safe place, but it feels like there is not a lot to do or people to hang out with.
Very little abandon places. Many people stay here for awhile. Nice neighbors, houses look and for the most part well maintained.
Very little national news made. We are Minnesota nice!
If you're a country person this is your place. You like to hike, canoe, etc have fun up in the boundry waters. Colors are beautiful in the fall, pretty in the spring, and if you have never had a white christmas tree, you will here. If you're a city person everything you need within 5 miles.
It's Minnesota. It feels like antartica in the winter, humidity like no other in the summer, rainy and windy in spring and fall. Welcome to weather mood swing Minnesota.
Living near a bunch of retail stores, I know that there is always at least one store hiring at all times. Businesses will always throw signs up on the streets to help get the local help they want/need.
Good variety of food choices, wish their was more ethnicity around the area, but plenty of choices are available.
Very little start up businesses stay long in this area, they are great they just unfortunately never stay too long.
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