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Spring Hill is a nicely developed area but could use more even distribution of services throughout. More houses being built could also call for expansion of high schools due to overpopulation and poor zoning. Nice trails and close proximity to sun coast makes access to areas with better nightlife easier but can be a boring area for teens at times unless they can go up to Tampa.
There is not much to do, traffic has gotten worse, housing is reasonable. Some parts on Spring Hill road looks junky,
Spring Hill has a lot of potential for growth, but is currently very short-sighted with the current thought processes on expansion. Great place to live for the long-term though.
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I moved to Springhill about two months ago because I wanted change and a didn't environment. I have family here so that makes the move easier to cope with. It is a very small town, with driving distance anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half just to experience the night life or to go somewhere nice for dinner. I do like how they have the parks, soccer fields, the VET path not too far from my house, since I am an active person.
I have lived in Spring Hill for 21 years. Spring Hill is a very busy little city, but at the same time it is very homey. It has plenty of places to go shopping and to sit down and eat at. That being said, I would like to see some of the stores get upgraded, along with the restaurants. A lot of the restaurants get shut down because of rats or other pest infestations. Many clothing stores are a bit outdated and cannot keep up with the new trends that come out. However, the clothing stores that are in Spring Hill are relatively cheap and affordable.
perfect! not too far from tampa, fl
love winter months January & February lol
and lets just say BEACHES!! never more than a short drive away
I moved to spring hill in 2013 and have enjoyed it. The only thing is dislike about this area is that it is very small and not very lively. I have to drive 45+ minutes out of Spring Hill to go to a mall or park.
Spring Hill used to be an amazing area to live in, but in recent years, it's been going downhill due to crime. Rent and prices for homes up for sale have gone up drastically, making it hard for low income families to live normally.
Spring Hill is very diverse. There are many things to do, places to eat, and it is always developing.
I moved to Spring Hill, Florida from Washington State. While it is not the worst place to live, it is certainly not my favorite. The majority of crime here seems to be centered around drugs, robberies, and petty theft. The nightlife is horrendous, unless you include Glory Days which is open til 12 a.m. or Applebees which is open til 2 a.m.. The cost of living here is more affordable than Hillsborough or Pinellas County but that is also due to the fact that the average pay here is minimum wage. The other portion of Hernando County that is not "surviving" on the low pay here is retired elderly people, or wealthy snowbirds from the upper east coast. I am not particularly fond of this place, but things could always be worse.
The sheriff is committed to making our town safer.
We have new businesses coming into our town. Some are healthy based while others are regular.
We have a new Firestone had their grand opening this weekend. We have a great GTX theater.
There are a lot of nice people in this town, and an overall friendly atmosphere when you go from place to place. However, some areas seem a bit sketchy. The schools are okay but are not super great compared to the academics up north. There is a lot of food options in town when driving from street to street. Though, there is not a lot of choices when it comes to clothing. You have to go to bigger cities like Tampa or Wesley Chapel for anything decent.
Full of drugs and drug dealers. Can’t wait to get out of this town and raise my family elsewhere, if never advise anyone to move here.
We recently moved to Spring Hill and out of every place we’ve ever lived in the past decade we have never felt so welcomed as we felt when we moved here. Our entire street, all of the neighbors, are friendly and help each other out (an old guy on a riding lawnmower came over and mowed our lawn while we were mowing). The kids play football out in the street and there’s rarely traffic, and they are so polite. I love how our community feels like family. The only thing I see that may need adjustment is there aren’t any sidewalks or streetlights down our entire street, which we don’t mind it, but if someone is walking their dog they should feel safe. I’m thinking of putting a couple of small lampposts at the end of our drive for people’s safety.
I like Spring Hill because I live in an area where it is not over crowded like down town cities. My family and I talk to all of our neighbors around us. We can exercise and take walks through the neighborhood. Our experience has been good. Some changes that I would like to see in Spring Hill are the increasing number of people that are coming here. I would like to see less areas with trashy people that bring drugs, crimes, and violence into our neighborhoods. I would also like there to be more jobs available to people in Spring Hill. Our city needs more activities that we can get into to keep busy. There are not many places where we can go to do fun things.
Spring Hill is a very safe place I have lived in Spring Hill for 20 years. I have never had a bad experience. I would not live any where else other than SpringHill
The Spring Hill area is a nice town near the Brooksville area, another nice small town. There are many schools nearby, including two college campuses. There are many restaurants in this area and there always seems to be a new one being constructed.
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Spring Hill is a nice Retirement Community. It is the best place for those who are 55 plus. For anyone one younger I would recommend to move further south to Tampa area.
More options to spend your free time and more local food places. It could also have a nightlife that is besides glow in the dark bowling and needs to open up social areas that people can gather and party
I love Spring Hill! It is a true small town and every neighbor is kind and giving! It is an amazing spot to raise kids, as the schools are amazing. Hernando County School board is amazing. Also, being less than 10 miles from the Gulf of Mexico has its perks!
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