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I love my experience with Southwest Ranches. It's an amazing atmosphere, and great neighbors. My family has been living in Southwest Ranches for about 6 years, and it's amazing. We probably will never leave because of how amazing it is :)
I love the environment here and how much peace and quiet there is on this side of the chaos of Weston. I live in a place where I know my neighbors and we occasionally have potlucks and get togethers, especially during the holiday season. I love my community!
Southwest Ranches is located in the heart of nearby neighborhoods. It has large yards and spacious neighborhoods. The highway is close, as well as many shopping centers with popular stores. The areas nearby are also safe.
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I love it here! Can't think of a better place to live at or go to school. Safe and family-oriented community. Quite and serene almost all the time.
Have lived her for over 20 years. Beautiful place but property taxes make it outraged and unaffordable
I like that all the houses are unique and different. Everywhere you look there's a completely different style of home. Every house has at least an acre of land where your kids can play or you can own animals.
A great place to live and having fun with my family. We have the ability to ride ATV's , fish, and host BBQ's with friends and family.
I love living in Southwest Ranches. My largest issue with it is mailbox locations and lack of recycling. However, the magazines they send are spectacular.
Great, friendly town. Its very different from other parts of South Florida. I mean, where else do you get to see horses walking around? It runs under a very small, but friendly government and has many parks throughout town.
Southwest Ranches is a very spacious, safe neighborhood. They have a variety of excellent elementary, middle, and high schools to choose from.
Best city to live in. Far enough from Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, but close enough where they can easily be driven to in less than an hour. It has a country feel to it without having the closest grocery store an hour out. People out here have land with cattle, and stables with horses. It's not like hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland, but rather maybe 50 acres with a few cows. Or a 5 acre home with a stable and 4 horses.
I lived in the Ranches for almost all of my life. It was a great place to grow up with lots of space and freedom to do many things that more crowded cities do not allow. Such as the keeping of exotic animals. However, with time, regulations have increased and it has robbed the place of much of the freedom of which its residents were so fond of.
For over 20 years little or no crime
Southwest Ranches is like living in hometown USA. Beautiful Florida weather with rural living. The best of both worlds.
A nice place for people who want to live in an area where you have your own space. It is also a great area for people in the horse community.
The area is very well kept by all the owners/renters. Neighbors are friendly. Land is very spacious and homes are not close together.
This area is a melting pot of cultures so the different food items and restaurants in the area are very diverse.
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Crime in the area is not an problem. Police cars are constantly patrolling the areas and shopping plazas.
We have quite a few areas to shop malls, outdoor malls and many strip malls.
There are jobs available in the area if a person really wants to work, they can find work.
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