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There have been several shootings multiple drug overdoses and meth labs
There is a lot of drugs many people on welfare and abiding the system. Also there are 2 prisons which brings there families here
There a certain areas where crime is higher. Most criminal activity is related to drugs or domestic violence.
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It's nice for single younger people as it has a college town vibe. There are two prisons in the area and one hospital, so the demographic is basically prisoners and their families, health care workers, correction officers, and college students. The nightlife is limited, but the bars and restaurants have a small town feel, where "everyone knows your name." Overall, Elmira is not a bad place to live, it has a strong historical background.
Lack of community events. Taxes are too high.
Crime and disrespect for people and property will increase every year when consequences are not severe enough and when we remove God from our schools and society.
Crime is increasing. Removing God and prayer from schools and removing the Ten Commandments from public buildings is a cause of increasing crime and disrespect for teachers and people in authority.
crime is up, but that happens in most places. doesn't matter where you live, there is some form of crime. police do their best when there is a problem. I feel safe in my area. and as a group with others
its beautiful with mountains and lakes. rivers for fishing. camping in areas. race tracks. would I live here again? possibility but would like to see other places.
It's not as bad as New York City but it feels like it is going to get there soon
Some small businesses. Most shopping outskirts Mall
Industry is mostly gone. Minimum wage jobs. High unemployment, many underemployed.
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