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Love the people and community of Southlake. The people here are like no other and you'll feel the positive energy the minute you find yourself at any event the city often hosts. It is by far the most comfortable place I have ever been in terms of safety as well.
As a former student, I would like to hear that the high school(9-10) has changed in certain ways. The high school while I was there was my least favorite 2 years of high school and my overall 6 years of schooling in Southlake.
Its a great town! The people can be very nice and the overall feel is great. The school district is amazing and the teachers are so helpful. Southlake town square has lots of variety when is comes to food and shopping. Right across from town square is park village. There are many popular stores in town square and popular restaurants in park village. Southlake is definitely a town to experience.
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I have lived in Southlake for about 15 years and have absolutely loved it! It's a suburb of Dallas and has a super cute and homey feel. Southlake is pretty much middle-upper class living. The city has a town square which is the center of all the action in Southlake. The only movie theatre in South lake is in town square, so if course it's busy. Southlake is a fun environment and atmosphere. The city hosts annual events such as art in the square, Octoberfest, the Christmas lighting, 4th of July, and more. I would like to see more diversity in Southlake, but otherwise, its an amazing place to live.
I love my community I live in! The schools are wonderful, and there are always activities to do in my town!
Southlake attracts the affluent from not only DFW, but also all over Texas and the country. It is a city of high-achievers especially corporate executives, doctors, lawyers, and small business owners. Their children in turn are driven to excel. It has an unbelievable standard of living, and has all the amenities within. If that is not enough, the country's #9 and #16 largest cities are just 25 minutes away.
Southlake is a beautiful town that is right outside of Dallas. It has all you could ever need, you barely have to leave to go to Dallas. It has just the right amount of good food, shopping, and entertainment in the town square. The public schools are as good as any private school in Dallas as well.
I live on the edge of Southlake and Grapevine, though I go to Southlake schools and spend most of my time in Southlake. It is a rapidly growing city with many business opportunities everywhere you look.
Excellent neighborhood for families, the new homes are very good but the prices are climbing fast. The schools have consistently had great ratings and have been really good to go thru. Overall a good neighborhood for families looking to move into the dallas Fort Worth area. The commute to DFW is really fast and takes about 15 mins at anytime of the day.
The shops and town center is really very well planned and built. New shops and restaurants are coming in every month. Fast growing business environment with westlake hosting some good large companies.
Southlake is a beautiful little town in the DFW are. The city offers a lot of activities to do with family and friends for every time of the year. It also has many differents restaurants, parks for go with family and really nice stores at Southlake Town Square.
Southlake is a wonderful city with very good people. All setting out for the bettering of themselves.
Southlake is a wonderful place to live. It is immensely safe and provides luxurious ammenities for the families and individuals. It is a very family friendly place to live.
I enjoyed the upscale amenities that decorate the fine shops at the square and line every street. I would like to see a change in how "outsiders" are treated by the locals, I would like to see more acceptance of non-Southlake residents by Southlake residents
Incredible pretty place to live, especially with Southlake Town Square having all these shops. Unfortunately the town square doesn't have a lot of clothing places but there are many food options.
By far the best place to live if you can. Perfect location to major cities, airports and attractions. The shopping and food around the area are amazing.
Southlake is a very safe, close-knit, affluent community. The school system prepares you for college courses very well, and has a very high rating on standardized testing. Growing up here, you meet many new people and are offered many opportunities through the school to excel. The Southlake Town Square is still expanding, offering students many places to hang out in a safe place area. DFW traffic is increasing, therefore the traffic through Southlake is increasing as well (also due to constant construction around Keller/Southlake border).
Southlake was a good place to grow up in, although there were a few issues regarding the authenticity of the community.
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Southlake is an amazing suburb to live in. Everything you need is in the town. If it's not in Southlake it will be very soon.
Southlake is a nice sized suburb near Dallas. Most people are very nice but the landscape is lacking. There is not much to do but there definitely is a high quality of life!
Southlake is a very affluent city, but the majority of people are friendly and neighborly. The city is doing much to improve the landscape, and the city council is very active and in tune to the citizens' wants and needs. Traffic on the main road (1709) can get bad, but over all Southlake's roads are nice.
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