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Southlake is great suburban town for families! It's a great place to raise kids and the schools are amazing. There is also a lot of restaurants and shopping!
I have lived in Southlake for nearly 6 years. The town is quite lovely, but can be homogeneous (ethnically, politically, and architecturally). I attended Carroll Senior High School for 1 year and generally enjoyed my time there. My high school counselor was quite helpful for me when I was applying to colleges. Once I started college, I continued living in Southlake, and commuted to Richardson. Although there is not a ton of traffic, rush hour in Southlake is definitely noticeable. Southlake often has cultural or artistic events, which are enjoyable to attend.
Overall Southlake could be a nice place to live but there is a complete lack of diversity that is extremely toxic to live in if you are not white. A vast majority of residents are snobby and ignorant, but the way the snobs act around their friends seems like a nice atmosphere to be in. It’s overall a very safe place and does have some good people.
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Having been a Dragon since my first day of kindergarten, I have learned the pride and joy that comes from being able to call yourself a member of the Southlake Carroll family. Because that’s just what this community is--a family. It celebrates after a big win, and always comes together during loss. Being proud of where you’re from is not a luxury that every high school student has, and I feel incredibly grateful to come from a town that makes me feel honored to put on my Emerald Belle uniform every Friday night of football season, support every team we have at pep rallies and compete against other talented drill teams. I can’t wait to take what this community has taught me into the real world, and also confidently and happily tell people that I’m from Southlake, Texas because I’m proud to be a Dragon and of my small, although important contribution to what it means to protect the tradition.
Southlake is a beautiful town that has various restaurants and shops, as well as excellent public schools. Likewise, Southlake is very diverse and hosts many cultural events. Although Southlake is a lovely town with nice people, the cost of goods and services could potentially be an issue for some people. Southlake is also fairly close to Fort Worth and Dallas but due to traffic, the commute could be lengthy. In all, Southlake is an amazing place if you want your children to get a good education, if you want to try new foods, go shopping, and have a good time, but pricing may be an issue for some people.
Southlake is a very nice town to live in. It is very safe and has a great school system. The Police are very responsive and involved with the community. There are lots of great shops and restaurants in Town Square and the DFW is only 15 minutes away. Overall the community is very welcoming and friendly.
i have enjoyed living here for the last 8 years. it is very safe and the school system is bette than most. we have a large town center for food and shopping but it is very family friendly. there is a law that anyone under 18 cannot be seen in at town square after 12. the town is rich so their are many parks and recreational centers. the people are generally really kind and easy to get along with. while majority of the population is white, there is diversity and all races are accepted. as a southern town, we do things like homecoming and high school football games are taken seriously.
Great place to raise a family, the school system is academic oriented and the city is a safe place. They are very football loving, but the academic side is diverse and allows students to really explore what they want to.
I love living here! I have never felt unsafe one time here . The people are great, the town is great, and the education is the best you will get at a public school.
Prevalently white and wealthy, Southlake has great school district though not much to do which is why many students tend to drive elsewhere for something to do.
One of my favorite places in the area. Loved living here when I did. Wonderful community with excellent people. Even though 144 E & W and Southlake Boulevard are consumed in traffic alot, most neighborhoods are peaceful and quiet. Lots of charming homes, most notably on White Chapel S, Peytonville N, Dove Rd, Randol Mill, Davis Blvd N, and Stone Lakes. Excellent job options off 114 & Southlake Boulevard. From retail shops to eateries, to vets and doctors. Southlake is just blooming with potential. Although Southlake isn´t the most affordable place in the area, it is just beautiful and has great public schools.
Southlake is one of the best cities I have ever lived in. Because of the tremendous diversity of restaurants, stores, and extracurricular activities to do. In Southlake we have every kind of food in a small space of a few miles. We have Chinese, tex-mex, breakfast restaurants, brewhouses, traditional American favorites, and all of the best fast food restaurants. In the Town Square you can buy almost about everything you need and then some. Their are car dealerships, famous clothing brands, and never thought of before stores. Also, Southlake is home to the best police and fire department known to man. They are friendly and kind, but they have made Southlake to be one of the safest cities in America. Most importantly Southlake has one of the best educations that a high schooler can get. Overall, the city of Southlake is one of the best places to live in.
Southlake, Texas is probably the est but most expensive place to live in Texas. It is experiencing a lot of growth and construction. The Police and Fire Department do really well and the city is set up nice. Overall I have enjoyed living here as everything you need is nearby.
A very clean, very driven environment! The demographics of this suburb are not diverse at all however- the population is mostly white. Southlake does a good job of promoting school spirit and support within the community for all activity groups and ages.
I moved to southlake halfway through my senior year of high school and I never struggled. I was welcomed with open arms into the countless clubs and community organizations that take place all around town. I feel like a southlake native now and I would recommend southlake to anyone who likes to participate in their community.
Southlake is a very safe "bubble" city, typical Texas movie where sports reign above all else and the jocks and cheerleaders rule the school. Many kids attending the school are groomed to take over their parents businesses, but those that do not typically will have a wide variety of colleges to choose from. The educational system is far beyond public schools in the rest of the country, but children raised in these school systems form unhealthy elitist attitudes and values. There is ZERO diversity in this rich white town. If your child was not raised in the system, good luck getting them friends or any position on any sports team. Restaurants in the area are impeccable. The suburb itself gets very "clique-y" , since the high school runs all, the high school drama phase never seems to leave even with adults. Overall, you could pick much worse places to live or raise a family, but you could also pick many better.
I enjoy the lifestyle in Southlake very much however I do believe that the children who grow up within Southlake tend to be extremely sheltered. We have an infamous reputation for acting entitled and ignorant.
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Rich, religious town. If you are from the area its nice. If you are moving, it is a culture shock and a bubble town. Though, the high school and education system is great and there are a lot of opportunities given to students as a result of the available funding.
Everyone is very nice, although there are some very rich moms and kids who act like the whole world revolves around them. They're always talking about how big their problem is and how it overrides someones else's. But, other than that small handful of people. The city is like an everybody knows everybody type thing. The whole city rallies around all of the great sports teams in CISD.
I really like it overall and really good schools, it is a rich place but still really good place to live with family
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