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My opinions on South San Francisco stem from their schools and outside life. At school, the different cultural backgrounds allow open-mindedness when it comes to expressing one's identity. However, the schools are under-funded and usually lead to a lack of events in the area. This also contributes to a lack of participation from the community in community events. People usually leave the area in order to have fun.
There's literally everything within an hour drive. Colleges, high schools, general necessities, you name it! Only problem I can see is the cost. I've seen some sketchy people around, but most of the time they don't hurt anybody. Just mind your business and you can get around. But still keep some pepper spray on you just it case.
As of right now I've basically grew up in South City. I have met lots of new people from going to school here since I can remember, but there is always a new challenge to face and that's what I like about south city. It seems to find a way to challenge my day and makes me stronger mentally.
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I like how South San Francisco is a family friendly and very diverse community, although I think there could be a better public school system (more innovation with learning and teaching) and better safety/protection.
South San Francisco is a small town under San Francisco. It is an average sized community separated into two parts. I believe it is separated in two parts because the east part of the city is more Hispanic, while the west is more Asian also because it is closer to Daly City. The east part of the city is more active and a small area where everyone knows each other. In the west, it is more isolated and not very social. I live in the west side of the city and I do not even know my neighbors' names whereas people I know who live in the east side are close to their neighbors. Furthermore, the two sides represent two different cultures and activities. All in all, South San Francisco as a whole is an expensive yet very homely area.
South San Francisco has always been a place I can call home. I have lived here all my life and many families have lived here from generations to generations. South San Francisco seems to be modernizing throughout the years but the culture remains the same. It is a place where the same faces are seen on a daily and everyone knows each other. There are many community events where families could have fun. The schools offer many opportunities for their students to succeed and go far.
I was born and raised in SSF - it is my home; however, I visited a few months ago and could not believe the decline in this once thriving little city by the bay. Dirty, streets in need of maintenance, weeds, disheveled yards, a very depressing site to say the least. Walking downtown on Grand Ave. there are flies in front of restaurants and store fronts, dirt and garbage everywhere. It is so sad to witness. What is the City doing about this poor city. We need to stand up and voice a change in governance! What is the mayor doing and her council? They should all be ashamed of themselves.
South San Francisco is a great city. It is safe, and there are many things to do in the city. There is also great diversity, and it is very welcoming.
South San Francisco is a nice town that has been around for many many decades. Everybody is so nice and everybody knows each other in this small town just south of San Francisco.
There is a lot of variety with food in South San Francisco without needing to go all the way into the city. You can find korean, chinese mexican, japanese, ect. all over the city. There is also nice places to hike such as Sign Hill. There is also good weather here. It is usually nice and breezy where you only need to where a light jacket.
South San Francisco, or “South City” as we call it here, has been a great city to live in. There has been no disruptions at all. It’s consist of lots of american-asians, but has recently shown diversity with all races and ethnicity. People are extremely respectful here. The weather consist of fog, but has those sunny days where it’s not too hot and you can pretty much feel the breeze.
I have been living in South San Francisco since I was born and I love it. I went to the public schools near me for middle schools and elementary schools. They were pretty good schools. I also like the new editions to many new restaurants near my area.
There is a lot of open areas and there are many things you can do within the vicinity. There are many parks and recreational opportunities for children and adults alike. There is a large sense of community in South San Francisco with the active beautification projects and a strong connection to local volunteer organizations. The mayor seems very active and attends a large majority of these events, from what I've seen. In education, thousands of dollars have been given in scholarships, especially for STEM majors. Genetech, the local biotechnology lab has been very generous in its neighboring high schools by providing scholarships of up to $250,000, sponsored field trips, sponsored competitions for middle school students, funded the creation of a biotech lab in South San Francisco High School, and much more. It is fairly safe, but gangs and drug dealings are not uncommon to see.
Very industrial town with little to do, there isn't much in the way of food options and the downtown area is very small. If you live here you definitely need a car. Crime rate seems okay but like most places in the bay area there are a lot of homeless. However it sits right across a bridge from oyster point which is the biotech hub of the world pretty much.
It's a growing diverse community that has some beautiful sites and something for everyone. Plus, it's close to San Francisco.
I enjoy living in South San Francisco, or South City as locals call it, because it is the perfect area just outside of San Francisco. Compared to San Francisco traffic time is not bad at all. South City is a great town to live in or just pass through.
Going to school here has allowed me to meet many different people. It is good to grow up in a diverse community.
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I like the diversity and the kind people who are willing to always help out. They are very kind and caring. They are always willing to give out a helping hand.
I have lived in South San Francisco my entire life and though there have been times where I claimed I hated it here, though in reality I'm extremely grateful to been raised here. Living here my entire life, I am exposed to the many different cultures from all over the world. The diversity here is so beautiful and it allows you to be educated and exposed to people from all over the world. SSF, will always have a special place in my heart and I hope to one day raise my future children here as well.
Overall, South City is quite the unique city. Right underneath the populous and busy SF, South San Francisco is connected strongly to the successful biotechnology company Genentech, so much so that it supports local high schools such as South San Francisco High School.

While the suburban sights are somewhat dwindling, certain campaigns and operations have been in-the-works to restore and rennovate the surrounding areas, including the parks and canals. Additionally, the city holds many events such as Concerts in the Park and Farmers' Markets to create a solid sense of community.

Diversity is certainly a strong suit in the city, with people of many different nationalities intertwining in the communities. The shops down Grand Avenue and at the different malls nearby are nice, but have been declining in productivity for some time and newer shops that open-up do not stay for long.
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