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South Paris is a great town to raise your child. The teachers and coaches know and remember the children by name. The technical classes available at the Middle School as well as the High School are wonderful and prepare students for work after school. The schools also prepare students well for college.
The town of South Paris is very scenic and is home to Paris Hill which was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973. South Paris is a nice place to live with a bustling main street. There are many small businesses in the town. South Paris also has its own police department and fire department.
The only thing that we need to worry about are snow storms. A very safe area though, we are fortunate that no natural disasters rarely occur here.
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We just recently got an Applebee's so it is getting a little better, but as a small town we don't need a lot.
Not great jobs that you could live well on. Not a lot of jobs in general.
Live in a very small town where most people know each other, so going to businesses is nice because everyone is friendly.
People are very friendly, but I do not see a ton of diversity
We have an indoor gym right in town, and we have a few nice walking paths/tracks in the area as well.
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