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SK is a very pretty town with a lot of things to do. We have beautiful beaches and a cute main street full of little shops.
South Kingstown is a very welcoming community. They have beautiful beaches, wonderful shops, and tantalizing cuisine. The town is a safe environment to raise a family and live peacefully. South Kingstown is home to two of South County's scenic beaches, tranquil farmlands, and historic landmarks. Downtown Wakefield is situated on the revitalized Saugatucket River, an architectural sight to behold. Unique shops and restaurants line Main St. featuring exquisite antiques, garden supplies, apparel, gifts, crafts, and more!
I love my town we have a good school system and a wonderful community.
Its expensive to live here, but the houses are all lovely and close to an active Maine street with tons of local business and entertainment.
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Great place to live. As a college student I love how close the campus is to the beaches and Providence. Lots of great food to be found here; the seafood is phenomenal.
The people in this town are very friendly, but the only complaint that I have is that as a college student, it is a little too quiet. The police officers here are very polite, but sometimes if you get on the bad side of the people here they will do their best to drive you out.
A good location for anyone trying to settle down with a family, SK offers a great school system, and taxes perfect for getting your family off their feet. Its also near the beach which is great!
I moved to South Kingstown in the middle of high school and was terrified to start over in a new place. My experience could not have been better. The people were so nice and the area is so beautiful. I feel so lucky to live here.
SK is a large town mostly known for the beaches during the summer....but if you come when it is less busy (fall/winter/spring), you can see what a gem the town really is. Besides from a variety of crazy nice hikes, there are a huge amount of local businesses and town "fairs" to make the place even better.
South Kingstown is a wonderful combination of rural living combined with a beach community. The people are nice but the population increases in the summer months when the beach tourists arrive. In the winter, the students return to the University but the town activity slows down. There aren't a lot of chain stores around but the local businesses provide what is needed. There are some good restaurants but you would have to travel to Newport or Providence for fine dining. Overall, a nice community.
SK is a beach community along the south coast of rhode island and attracts many people to its beautiful beaches and fine dining in the summer. The highschool is a dump its ranked top 7-8 in RI.
Once part of a domestic violence safe home organization in another state, having transitioned all the way from the Deep South to Rhode Island, I ironically felt most safe and truly at home once welcomed here, so far removed from what was familiar to me. It was here that i finally felt I was thriving in victory, not merely surviving in victimhood. Now a single mother with 3 young children, I felt a surprising relief and hope, knowing the phenomenally warm, compassionate community here were humanizing us and treating us like family. From the first moment of introduction, they engaged us wholly and presently, and validated us as individuals. I could never do or say enough to express my gratitude and fondness for the community and domestic violence resources here in South Kingstown. Instead of merely sheltering individuals and families temporarily to procure funding, they are truly committed to changing, gratifying, and empowering lives.
Honestly, this is a great town to live in. I am a traveling nurse, but have maintained my permanent residence here for years. I live in Wakefield and the convenience is amazing. I can easily go to the beach, yoga on campus, or to catch a train to the city all in under 10 minutes. The community is great and offers many nice amenities to residents. The dog park is absolutely amazing!!!!! I also love the bike path, its very well maintained and a nice way to get places around town when the weather cooperates. People here are friendly and the summers are beautiful. I definitely feel safe here too!
Beaches, Nature, Peaceful and quiet, marinas, South county Commons is a very beautiful neighborhood with shops and restaurants. Good school district.
I love that south kingstown is so open and accepting. Everybody in town is polite, and ready to help one another. Thought the high shcool could use a tune up, the staff and students are beautiful people.
South Kingstown is a very nice town in Rhode Island. I've lived here for most of my life and have always felt safe when I am in town. Generally, people are polite and helpful to one another (plus it's RI, most of them either know each other or are related) and although there are lots of problems that are also found in most towns (ex. the current popularity of vaping) SK is always trying to improve!
I overall enjoy South Kingtown. It a quite place but you can find interest things to do. It's also not far from the beach.
This small town is so beautiful and full of nice people. I just moved to this town, but I have a lot of good memories so far. It was a great joy to my new departure.
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South Kingstown is a beautiful coastal town of Southern Rhode Island. SK is home to some of the best beaches on the East Coast, in my opinion. Although South Kingstown has many boroughs within, SK still has a small-town feel with a tight-knit community. I love living here as I can't imagine growing up anywhere else.
I honestly love my town as a whole. South Kingstown is mostly a seaside community in Rhode Island that has a Florida or California feel in the summer. There are a bunch of small villages that offer different things. Peacedale and Wakefield are a the major downtown scene built in the early 1800s. Matununk is the most beauty coastal area where there are a lot of different seafood places including the Matununk Oyster Bar to top rated oyster bar in the nation. It also has great surfing spots and beautiful state and private beaches at inexpensive prices. In Kingston there is the University of Rhode Island and the currently ranked no13 Rhode Island Rams Mens Basketball Team. The town is only 45min from the capital in providence and 20min from historic Newport. Down the coast New York City is only three hours.
Amazing town in southern Rhode Island. I've lived here my whole life growing up and I absolutely love it! It has great beaches and is a very peaceful and connected community that is small but mighty!
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