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we actually have police living in out neighborhood so we all feel very safe, there's also many dog owners that walk around and are all very kind
calm and quiet but close enough to the fun
There is not much crime in the area except petty theft. I am not concerned about it.
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the beaches are wonderful, the entertainment is wonderful, but the traffic is horrible. Seasonal residents clog the roads, doctors offices, and restaurants so locals have a difficult time getting to their jobs/work half the year. The beaches and downtown are wonderful, so they make up for the frustrations. I love Sarasota and would definitely choose to live here if I had it to do over!
The only issue as far as crime and safety in this area is the homeless population in the downtown areas that could use some assistance. There aren't lots of places for them to go so they crowd around the bus stations and streets, panhandling.
This area is very nice. There are a lot of people moving here lately so traffic can be hectic but there is a lot to do to keep busy if you are an outdoorsy person. I would recommend living here. The weather is almost always great, we've got good hospitals and lots of local events and business.
The Sarasota area is great for Florida.There is an avid appreciation for art and a real emphasis on making things look and feel nice. Like all cities in Florida, there is an alarming number of senior citizens, but generally the atmosphere is friendly and accepting. If I am to pick a city in Florida, Sarasota would definitely be in my top 3!
Sarasota is known for the arts. We have the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall, the Ringling Museum of Art, and many other tourist attractions. People come from around the world to see Siesta Key Beach, rated #1 Beach in the United States a couple years ago. It has white sandy beaches, and many people come to see the sunsets.
Florida in general is known for its bad drivers. A lot of them seem to live in Sarasota. This is especially known to bicyclists. Drivers here are not very kind to bikers. Public transportation (bus) goes all over the area, but it most frequently used by homeless/shady people. Police officers have to monitor the transfer station downtown after a stabbing took place not too far away from it.
Sarasota has beautiful weather. Most days are perfect beach days. Living here in the summer is a different story. Every year, hurricane season is discussed at length, and almost everyone has plywood or shutters for their houses to protect from the storms. Summers are also very warm, and take some time to get used to. Flip-flops can be worn almost year-round.
Sarasota is not known for its bars. There are some, but they are few and far between. Most of the restaurants around are chains, but there are also plenty of unique, family-owned places as well.
Many places in my area are hiring. Not everyone is willing to work in the fast food/restaurant business, but several retailers are looking for people as well. My area is constantly growing, so more jobs will be added in the future also. Publix is one of the greatest job creators around me. They provide jobs for teenagers though people close to retirement, and offer a fantastic shopping experience. People in my area work a variety of professional jobs (doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, etc.).
There is not that much traffic until the snow birds come. A lot of bikes. Not a lot of people walking in the day time only early in the mornings.
I like it here because it is a small city. Its very quiet and chill. Sure there is not a lot to do but it is fun and a good place to raise kids.
Sunny. Very hot. Very Very Hot. You can fry a egg on your car hood Hot. A lot of thunder storms.
Bone-fish Denny's Flemings,Wendy's. Seafood is big. Also expensive restaurants are also big. A lot of tourist come hear.
restaurants and old people everywhere. $8.05 an Hour
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Fashion everywhere. Expensive but good deals. Super
The Crime is not bad, but if something were to happen it would probably be serious.
There are a great variety of stores, but their are more companies and chains then family owned businesses, on busy popular streets.
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