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South Charleston is very small without much diversity culturally and in opportunity. However, the cost of living is reasonable.
I liked living in South Charleston because the neighbors I had were really nice. The only problem was that some of the roads had holes that could use some fixing.
South Charleston is a great little community. People are friendly. Shopping is good for the most part. There is not much to offer young teenagers and young adults for entertainment.
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I believe South Charleston, West Virginia is an amazing and wonderful place to live. There are many things such as our fire department, our city workers, and the outstanding people who live here that make this place whole.
The drug problem is terrible and has to be fixed as soon as possible. We have children who live with their great grandparents because their parents or their immediate grand parents are unable to take care of them because of their own drug problems: It is a very very beautiful state, and town. The people can be really friendly and amazing neighbors whom help each other every chance they get. The elderly are respected. The schools are ok
South Charleston is a great small town suburb of Charleston, WV. The community feel and the pride that the community shows makes for a very nice place to raise a family and enjoy the area. The town is growing very fast with the expansion of a new large shopping plaza in the works, and a large road expansion project to help with the commute. The City has fantastic municipal services and police presence is great. I feel very safe as a resident in my community.
It's nothing horrible a little boring if anything. Walking is also a nightmare going anywhere far requires you to walk next to a primary avenue.
I love South Charleston WV. It is currently my home and I've lived here for 2 years. The neighborhood is truly amazing with some of the nicest people you will ever meet. South Charleston has a small downtown that has some great food and a nice ice cream shop for desert. I have enjoyed my time here and hope to live here for as long as I can.
South Charleston is a small town near the capitol of West Virginia. It's a pretty city that has friendly neighborhoods and is within a 5 minute driving distance to just about everything you need. The school system here is excellent and the community is strong and supportive.
South Charleston, WV is a great place to live and raise a family. It's a few hours from larger cities so you still have the luxury of a small town within reach of a metropolis.
South Charleston is a quiet suburb existing about seven miles from West Virginia's capital city: Charleston. Since the town is small, it seems that most everyone knows each other and is willing to help. It also takes only 5-10 minutes to travel around town. The crime rate is exceptionally low compared to other West Virginia municipalities. However, with pros come cons. The nightlife of the town is nonexistent. The only job opportunities come from the various chemical plants in the town. However, the town is very diverse with many Asian restaurants of varying cuisine residing in the town. There are many options for a healthy lifestyle including several gyms and parks. The schools in South Charleston also earn many "Excellence" awards from Kanawha County Schools. Overall, South Charleston is a great place to live and I am proud to call it my home.
South Charleston, WV has family friendly, safe neighborhoods, great public schools, numerous job opportunities, and a wonderfully diverse population.
The city of south charleston has a lot to offer for family and single individuals however the community is very embracing.
I have moved to several states but I always move back to West Virginia. Charleston isn't best place on my list but I would rather live and rise my children here. It is less crimes and traffic than other places that i have been to.
The police respond quickly. Usually, there is not much crime.
It's not amazing, but it's not bad. It's just average.
I feel that the management and overall quality of the apartments is poor and needs some work done to fix it immediately. The atmosphere is very confining and I don't feel comfortable leaving my apartment and venturing outside because of some of the apartments tenants . The cleanliness of the outside and streets is littered with trash and such and is needed to be cleaned by the maintenance personnel.
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It is okay t live here, just like home.
I don't really see much crime happening in my neighborhood.
I think there needs to be more variety in the types of stores we have around here.
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