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South Bloomfield is a very quiet town, which is likely to be my favorite thing about the town. I am quite content to be alone and be left alone in my home. There are some exceptions, however. The entire government of the town is a for-profit industry. Their dealings with utilities is shady at best and the police are there more for traffic tickets than for the safety of the town.
My only issue is when it snows and the pot holes. They are every where and they don't get filled quick enough. A lot of people get flat tires over these. Driving in the country while its snowing is very dangerous. The only way i can get home from work is through a back road and there aren't any lights! I can't see a thing at night.
wendys,mcdonalds,arbys,and dairy queen is pretty much all you can get here unless you count gas station food. There is 1 subway and they close really early.
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It's either people are over weight since there is only fast food places around or they are too skinny because they can;t afford food or they are on drugs. I know so many people on drugs and i know the drug dealers. People are heavy drinkers around here or they smoke constantly. I have never met so many smokers in my life. It's constant thing.If you need a hospital, a good one, then you have to drive into the city which is about 30-40 minutes away. So if you have a real emergency then you are pretty much out of luck. There are a lot of bad reviews for the closest hospital and because of that reputation some people risk their lives to go somewhere else. I am not physically active. The weather here is crazy so i prefer the gym but that is 30 min away which means not only am i paying gym membership but also gas. Since it is a small town they close early which sucks because i work during the day the opposite direction. I used to live in an area where all gyms were 24 hrs.
I don't keep up with politics because it's been a load of crap. Things keep getting worse and it's just upsetting everybody.
I live in the country so there aren;t any street lights or sidewalks. A lot of people walk on the grass and the road and that can be very dangerous at night. Some of these people aren't very smart either. There are a lot of people that wear black or dark clothing so I can't see them while i am driving. Where i used to live there was a curfew and streetlights everywhere. Cops made sure that if your were older than 18 and you were out walking then you had to wear visible colors at night or the reflecting jackets.
There are a couple of trails close by and i really enjoy going to hocking hills but that is the only place i can think of thats close by thats enjoyable.
I have to drive over 30 min to get to a good grocery store, restaurant, convenient store, and salon. It is so annoying having only fast food chains close by. It's no wonder people are over weight. The only things close by to the are fast food places. Jobs are hard to find especially if you don;t have transportation because there aren't any buses here. So you need a car to have a job, a job to have money, money to buy gas so then you can go to a grocery store and be able to afford healthy food. and it's not like fresh food can lost long either so that means frequent trips to the grocery store that isn't even close by. More gas,more money, more bills. So that means you have to have a well paying job to even afford all of this.
When it comes to ethnicity a lot of people are american. Their family was from this area and they all just stay around except for the newer generations which is why there are more old folks here. I noticed that a lot of people in trailers are different generations living next to each other. They are very family oriented.
Since this is a small town almost everybody know each other. They tend to stick to their own ways and it's mostly just old people.
People have a lot of land here. There are many abandoned houses which is something i don't understand. The town should bulldoze it or try to repair them but they have all been vandalized. The towns aren't being maintained. There are a lot of things that need to be worked on but it overlooked.
I came from California where there is always something to do and now I am in Ohio so there is a huge difference. I think that the education people are getting is lower than what i was given. People here don't have goals or think much about their future. Of course this is only for the people i've met. I don't see many people striving for more it looks like they are pretty comfortable where they are but I think the problem is that they don't know what it out there. They don't know what the world has to offer which I think is pretty sad.
I live in Ashville,OH so apparently they made the first stop light. I am fairly close to circleville which they have a pumpkin show every year and that is the only time where i see a lot of visitors.
I live in the country so there aren't any street lights, buses, or sidewalks. A lot of people walk around wearing black so it's like they are asking to get ran over. I also live next to a highway so a lot of people have to be careful especially pedestrians.
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