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I would like to see an increase in diversity and acceptance of culture. There are many types of people in this world, and communities like ours should begin to welcome diversity and change to create a hub of acceptance and growth!
I lived in Solon and surrounding communities for several years.

Solon is both an odd and oddly stressful town.

It has an extremely noticeable air of both pretentiousness and cut-throat competitiveness, but has little in the way of established culture or accomplishment to back up either of those things.

The town feels like middle-management personified. Wealthy and successful enough to be arrogant, but not so much so that it doesn't feel the need to constantly prove it. It's very "keeping up with the Joneses," just not on a level that is in any way impressive. (If you're looking for that, Chagrin Falls, Hudson, or Shaker Heights has some of that, but more of the benefits that go along with it.)

Schools are good, but culture, community, roots, etc, are all lacking. Hard pass.
Good school system, students are very focused on school. School/education is placed above student health.
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In the 17 years that I’ve lived here, I’d say Soloners are most proud of our school district (best in the state). Also, a marching band that’s at least as good as Ohio State’s. Our football team is good too but the marching band attracts more people to games. Our variety of pizza, subs, ice cream, and banks. The rec center and community park are great for all ages. I highly recommend Jim’s Open Kitchen, Imperial Wok, and Simply Greek.

The negatives are local politics, weather, commute, and cost of living.
People are very helpful if you reach out for the help. Very chilled and comfortable atmosphere. Not as busy as the inner city but busy enough. They have great shopping options as well.
Solon is an amazing place to live for families with young children. It's safe and extremely neighborly. There's an abundance of different restaurants and fast food places for friends and family to dine at.
It is a very nice place to live. Solon is very clean and quiet. There are shops and places to eat. You don't really have to leave to get what you need
Solon Ohio is a great city to live in for a family as there is a great public school system with many activities in the area to enjoy with people.
The city of Solon is very nice and extremely safe. A great place to live overall; the only downside would be that life gets pretty monotonous sometimes, since not much really happens. The public school system is also great, but Solon High School's facilities are rather subpar.
I love this place! It’s come a long way, and it’s such a cute little town with tons of places to eat and things to do!
Solon is a very friendly and engaging community with a great recreational center and outstanding schools. The parks are also great and the city is perfect for a family.
The city is very safe. The people are welcoming and kind. Near the high school, there are a lot of places to walk.
Even though Solon has high pay rates of taxes, their education is really good. That is why people move here.
It would help if this place wasn’t filled with entitled a** holes. It’s extremely crowded with people cutting you off and getting into car wrecks. I used to watch the fireworks in Solon when I was younger I loved it then but now I work here in one of the food places and I really see how scum the people here are.
It feels too overcrowded, and over the last few years it has significantly declined along with the Greater Cleveland Area
The city of Solon best encapsulates the failed promises of the early 2000's. An affluent suburb that was largely developed in the late 90's to early 2000's, Solon has a comfortable and familiar yet eerily haunting feel to its neighborhoods. Following the housing market crash as well as other economic setbacks, the Solon promise of high prosperity in the form of a 3500 square foot house with a half acre became no more, as families largely have to struggle to afford the houses that they bought during better economic times. This stress and uncertainty are emotions that can be felt by all residents.
Solon is a great place to grow up and raise a family. The schools are superb and there are plenty of places to go out to eat.
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Excellent schools, great family-friendly facilities, and it is has a really low crime rate. The school system is amazing, making it a great place to have a family.
Best place in the US to raise your child. Excellent school district plus neighborhood. Educated resident, good facilities, shopping centers and restaurants.
Solon is a very small but large city. The schools are all very close and I think moving from such a close city would make it seem as if there is no differnece but there is. I moved from Twinsburg which means it is only about a 15-20 minute drive, nonetheless there is a huge diffrence. Solon could use a greater amount of restaurants but the ones they do have are very good and interesting to try.
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