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I have lived in Solana Beach for my whole life and have come to know and love the tight-knit community that exists here. Though our small town only consists of one free-way offramp, our loving family has attracted people from all walks of life. Although not everything is perfect, in regards to various city restrictions, the people of Solana Beach make it all worth it.
I've lived in San Diego for nearly my entire life, and I've always found my heart resting in my home region of Solana Beach. The sheer energy of this region highly sets it above all others. My neighbors, family, and friends who inhabit this wonderful little town of the beach never seem to have any issues revolving around their home, and have always been exceedingly kindhearted. I take immense pride in being able to be fortunate enough to live in this beautiful region of San Diego, and I would have never wanted to grow up anywhere else.
I loved Solana Beach for the fact that it was not a super popular destination. Neighboring cities got so crowded that it was hard to breathe. Solana Beach stayed like a little safe haven for those who actually lived there and knew about the city itself. It is also a great city because everyone is so friendly. I know a lot of people from my neighborhood and see them everywhere. I still run into my elementary school teachers all the time. The best part of Solana Beach though is the beach itself. The beaches are amazing and I have grown up going to them all the time. I love to surf and end up at the beach at least three times a week. I know all the lifeguards and they are all great people. The only thing I would change about Solana Beach would be the restaurants. The nice food scene is amazing but it is very expensive too. Being a high school student with little money I wish there was more food places that I could afford and still get a healthy meal.
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A slow paced beach town, Solana Beach is full of athletes, entrepreneurs and craftsmen. With craft coffee shops, organic cafes, and microbreweries, the dining experience is nothing less than excellent. The kids grow up surfing and swimming and are beautifully connected to the ocean. People are open and friendly, making it a delight to establish new relationships throughout town.
I have lived in this city for 17 years. It is absolutely wonderful! The close beach assess is awesome and the community is great! I love being able to be so close to the ocean. It is a small town feeling with close access to other cities and downtown San Diego.
Great town to live in. Close to the ocean, very laid back and wonderful community. Schools are top notch.
A quaint beach town and family community where everybody knows your name. People are friendly and inclusive and all support each other.
great weather and plenty to do outdoors. Unfortunately, drug use among
the youth is an issue. Most of the children in the district have been spoiled
by affluence.
1 word: Overrated. Ungodly expensive to survive here, let alone thrive. The beaches are OK. If you want white sand (and white privilege) this is the place for you.
Love the school district. Like the diversity and proximity to entertainment. Very expensive to live in this neighborhood and traffic can be very busy.
Solana beach is a beautiful beach town that is set in a "relaxed beach town" pace. It has great dining, fun family activities, a beautiful beach, and it is clean and cozy. My only disenchantment has been the numerous robberies continuing to happen in our neighborhoods and spars law enforcement officials.
I loved living three blocks from the ocean here. Grocery stores and restaurants were very close also. The temperature here was usually bearable, not too hot and very nice year round. The only set back I found was the commute time from Mira Mesa where I worked. Around three pm is when the traffic was at a slow crawl. I attended college at Mira Mesa community college which the traffic wasn't too bad before 7am. There was some night life that was very close. The Belly Up bar was within walking distance from me and always had bands and special events going on there. The beach was within walking distance, but straight down from Lomas Santa Fe the tide keeps you from venturing directly onto the beach from that location.
It is a safe community. You can walk at midnight and feel safe. I have not felt unsafe in this city for the last 15 years. friendly people. About 90% of the population have a degree.
Solana Beach is a unique town carved out of the Del Mar, Encinitas, Rancho Santa Fe, and San Diego city limits. The common themes of residents in Solana Beach is a strong desire to maintain the quality of life for all families and individuals for generations to come.
We have everything we could need in our little town with favorite stores,great schools,restaurants and nite life. Not to mention right by the beach! We also love the quick easy access to the freeway and that our town cannot get any bigger. We love everything about Solana Beach and have lived here for 28 years and raised our 2 kids here.
San Diego is definitely Top 10 in the World
A local business in my area is Leaping Lotus the store is excellent! The people in there are so nice and very helpful. There are toys for kids, clothes, and adult items like clothes, wine glasses and funny cards! I would recommend this store to any one in the area!
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everything seems to running smoothly.
not much out of the ordinary happens around here. it is far more gritty here we used to live, in los angeles.
there is an eclectic style close to the beach, but in the more planned communities there is a plethora of mediocre architecture.
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