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Great town, for singletons and families. It's close to Atlanta, and sits in the award-winning Gwinnett County Public School district!
While living in Snellville I have met and known so many people from different backgrounds. Even though the South is known to be a racist place I am very grateful I grew up around different cultures, races, and ethnicities and got to learn about different things.
I like the community events that happen on the Town Greene every once and a while. Like the Farmer's Market or Food Truck Fridays. It really makes the town feel closer and more alive. The traffic on a day to day basis is terrible though. Some days it would be quicker to walk than drive with how bad it is.
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Snellville is a nice area of Gwinnett where there are many popular accommodations for people of all ages. The schools in Snellville and around it have been given star ratings by parents and students who attend.
I have lived around Snellville for just about all my life. I have been here since I was a baby and liked going to the schools that are in this area. My high school is not the best when it comes to the term, equality, but I have learned to live with it. Overall, I do like Snellville, I think it's a great place to live.
I enjoy living in Snellville. It is small but very urban and updated. However, the traffic is very horrible and this is all over the Atlanta area.
I like it here. It's nice and clean and my neighborhood is very beautiful. One thing that I wish would change is the traffic.
It's a really nice suburb with very accessible stores around it. There are plenty of friendly neighborhoods to move into and the city is constantly growing and renovating
Great Suburb of Atlanta, and everyone is very friendly. This is probably the best city in Gwinnett County.
I enjoy all the resources available throughout the city and there are a few fun events that one can do with friends or family.
This is a nice friendly area to raise a family. It has nice schools, parks, libraries, and a great selection of shopping places on Hwy 124.
Snellville is a beautiful, safe, diverse environment for people of all ages. The school system in snellville is one of the highest ranking in the state Georgia.
Snellville is a great place to live within the Atlanta metro area. The school system is excellent, there's lots to do, and it's very safe.
Snellville is a very diverse area with nice neighborhoods and shopping centers. There is also a Farmer's Market that happens in the spring at the city center.
I enjoy the environment and it’s location away from everything else. We are about only a 30 minute drive away from Atlanta, which is very convenient. We also have Scenic Highway, which is a good place to hang out with friends, but a 15 minute drive to Duluth or the mall is not difficult at all.
very terrible, a lot of gangs in snellvile an through snellvile and gwinnett, and a lot of crime but it goes unnoticed. I see lot of teens with banana representing different gangs and i hear about a lot of break in and murders form residents who lived here, snellvile police are also the complete WORST. Very crooked. Snellville has a good way of hiding the truth but if decide to raise your kids here think else wher because they will turn to pot heads by highschool or even middle school. I found marijuana in my sons bottom drawer a couple month after we moved here to snellville from macon, bad idea to raise kids here.
The city works very hard to unify everyone in the community and make people feel a part of it. I often feel like Snellville is like one big family.
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Racist, racist, people beware!! Some of these people have no problem telling you they don't want "n" words around and opening up businesses in their little poor town, all of them may not be that way, but who has time or even care to find out who does and who doesn't.
I've been living in Snellville since 2013 and it has been a great experience. Its affordable and there is plenty of restaurants and stores to go to.
It's alright. Nothing to really brag about. There aren't many sidewalks and the schools are poor. It's all a poor atmosphere.
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