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Smyrna is a family friendly city with good county schools. It is close enough to Nashville to enjoy the night life and "must sees", but far enough away that you're not living in a big city.
I like that it’s Not Nashville, but it close to Nashville, I hate the bad drivers and horrible traffic
Smyrna is safe and in my neighborhood there hasn’t been any robberies. I feel very safe in my neighborhood and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Living here with my family is amazing.
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Smyrna is a great place to settle down and have kids. I moved to Smyrna as a toddler and have had a great childhood. I have watched as businesses started erupting and new schools were constantly being built. It`s also relatively close to Nashville and belongs to the Rutherford county school system. Rutherford county schools are some of the best in the state of Tennessee. Smyrna is by no means perfect, but it`s a good suburban community.
I've lived in Smyrna my whole life and its been a wild ride of thrills. Overall its a great place with amazing people.
Smyrna is a very quiet community, filled with kind neighbors everywhere. It's a s,all town but it's getting better day by day, new homes are being built.
I live in both Smyrna and Murfreesboro, and I have always preferred Smyrna because it is not as expanded as Murfreesboro has become, and all of the major businesses in Smyrna give back to local law enforcement or local schools.
Lots of things to do and a lot of schools to choose from but has traffic due to the growth of the town
I love the way the community supports one another. Neighbors help each other in a time of need and will go out of their way to show support. The traffic is nothing compared to Nashville, and there are many local business to support, as well as chain restaurants. Stewarts Creek schools are located here and have a reputation of being extremely high performing However, this beautiful little town is growing rapidly and causing overcrowding in these local schools.
Smyrna is a small town, very homey, very competitive, always welcoming. The schools aren't far from each other, football and basketball are the two ways that the different students can meet each other. Other than the occasional reckless driver, there's everything to like about the city.
Smyrna is a great place to live especially because you're only thirty minutes away from Nashville and fifteen minutes away from Murfreesboro. Population is diverse and people are kind. Traffic is not a lot either plus there are many jobs available especially because there are stores building!
Smyrna is located directly between two major cities, Murfreesboro and Nashville. Although it is growing, it sill has a small town feel.

There is not a lot of noticeable crime and you don’t have that unsafe feeling when driving around time even late at night.

The schools in the county are good and people continually are moving from Nashville to here. That’s where my parents relocated from.

The home values are steadily increasing and people are wanting to move to the area.
I live in Antioch, it is close enough to Smyrna. I've lived here for about 5 years. It is a good place to live.
Very nice town with shopping centers all around. Family oriented parks and restaurants. This town is very quiet and has a lot of amenities that everyone can use. Smyrna has been my home for two years now and I am very glad I moved here from Antioch. The traffic isn't bad, the schools are great, and the community is very warm and welcoming.
We live within walking distance of a shopping center with all the stores and restaurants we need and want to shop and eat at, as well as a movie theatre. There is a nice park nearby for us to take our dogs. The area we love in is really nice and safe. We are somewhat new to the area so we havent ventured out too much into other areas, but there is some lower income not so safe areas in Smryna too.
I grew up in Smyrna, and it is by far the best place to live. Crime is low, love is high. It is such a beautiful small city bursting at the seams with great opportunities for all.
Overall, Smyrna is a clean and safe city with good schools and lots to do. Places are always hiring so there are plenty of job opportunities. The town its self is a pretty good size and is relatively diverse. There is tons of new development so there will be more homes and jobs in the future
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Smyrna is a great town that is growing rapidly. Changes that would better it could include: More places to shop, More family owned restaurants, and a IKEA! I have lived in Smyrna my entire life and i love it.
My experience growing up in Smyrna has been great. The only thing I would change is adding more helpful traffic lights and other things to help the traffic as the city grows.
I just love how its not clouded like Murfreesboro. .
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