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Smyrna is a great suburb of Atlanta offering convenience to those who work within the Atlanta metro area. I will always speak highly of Smyrna and recommend this area to newcomers of Atlanta.
My experience with Smyrna is good. It seems pretty safe overall and has a good variety of people. I don't know much about the school system, as I am not in it nor do I have kids in it. There seems to be diversity with people though which is nice. I think the political views of most of Smyrna is pretty liberal or more democratic than other areas of Georgia. This is because of Atlanta being close. The safety of Smyrna seems pretty decent considering it's close to a city. I think it is one of the best suburbs of Atlanta. The nightlife is not too good, as I think you'd have to go to Atlanta to see any real nightlife. The family friendly aspect of Smyrna seems pretty good. There are lots of parks around the area and many restaurants and activities to do. It is not surer affordable compared to other Georgia areas but considering how unaffordable a lot of cities are it seems pretty decent. Lastly the commute time is awful since it is so close to Atlanta and you can't drive anywhere
Smyrna is a wonderful place to raise children. Although, the school system is not the best unless they are enrolled in private school or a magnet program. Everything you need is within a driving distance of less than 10 miles. You are able to maintain a life in the city. There are lots of very cultured restaurants to find amazing food. However, around 3:30 to 5:00 there is a lot of traffic from people leaving the city, it is called rush hour. There is a mall so you can shop till you heart extent. If you take a drive all the way east west connector you can reach Kennesaw, which is a more rural take on suburban but just as nice as smyrna.
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Smyrna is a great family friendly City, always has community events going on with tons of nightlife. The city has grown drastically due to the development of the Braves Stadium and The Battery. This also caused a rise in taxes, which residents are not too happy about. However, the safety and security the city has to offer makes up for it. Overall, I'd say Smyrna is a great place live.
I have greatly enjoyed my experience in Smyrna. It is a quiet, safe, and friendly place which exemplifies healthy living. The property values are on the rise, so living in Smyrna is a great investment. It is a convenient location for getting anywhere in the Metro Atlanta area and just a short drive into the city if you take Atlanta Road. There is hardly any traffic within the city of Smyrna so it is easy to get anywhere you want to go day or night. There is good food, parades, and neighbors making Smyrna the ideal place to live in Metro Atlanta.
Small town feel just outside of Atlanta. Very caring community that wants everyone to succeed and grow.
Smyrna is a medium sized city that is rapidly growing. With the addition of Suntrust Park and new townhomes around the area, the population and opportunities for Smyrna residents are increasing.
What I enjoy about living in Smyrna is the diversity and openness of the city. Whenever you have a request, question or concern, someone is always willing to learn and solve the problem. In all honestly, I would say that it would not be an issue of timeliness because the situations at hand maybe not be handled quickly. They may take some time. However, the situation won't be left hanging in the dust, it will get solved. Smyrna, GA is a suburb in the surrounding Metropolitan area of Atlanta, GA. Very diverse, very optimistic, very compassionate, resourceful and SAFE!
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It’s a perfect town. I love the vibe, the merchants, the ability to walk around, the festivals and the pride for our town. Easy commute to see the Braves. Easy commute to the airport. I love this place I call home.
I love Smyrna. I have been here for 26 years. There are so many residential properties popping up, I would love to see more employment opportunities in the area.
Smyrna, GA is a rapidly growing suburb of the greater Atlanta area. Smyrna is very close to many visited locations of the public. Areas such as SunTrust Park, Cumberland, Cobb Galleria, and access to 3 public schools makes it a great community for families. The city square also has a public library and community center as well as a few restaurants for nightlife.
There are many restaurants, many people you can meet by doing community activities. It grew to be my home, and will be gone to many more as the city of Smyrna expands.
Smyrna is a great place to live. It's not too far from downtown Atlanta and has a variety of options. You can't get bored there!
Smyrna is a great city. It is conveniently located just north of Atlanta. Smyrna has a good school system and a
strong community involvement. It is a diverse city with restaurants and shopping for all
Moved to Smyrna from NY 9 years ago! In such a short time have seen it grow and develop and continue to do so! Reminds me of my town in Astoria Queens NY. Grew over night! Love it here!
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Smyrna Ga, is a great city to live. It is family friendly and has a lot of activities for families, like seasonal festivals, summer music concerts, and holiday programs. It is a walk able community with a Market Village that have restaurants and shops a great place to just hang out. It promote fitness activity with its easily access to walking and biking trails and parks with play grounds, baseball and softball fields.
Smyrna is a quaint little town that has it all. It connects to all the major s=cities such as Atlanta, Marietta, and Powder Springs. The food here is incomparable. There is every possible kind of food here like burgers, Italian restaurants, and healthy food options. We also have amazing coffee shops who value making connections with customers.
Smyrna is definitely a growing city with the Braves stadium being newly built but the housing prices are way too high and the education system leaves a lot to be desired as does the healthcare. I also think with the Braves stadium being in the area they could have done more planning with the infrastructure of the roads.
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