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I have no complaints about smithfield va it very country town no hard crimes and very quiet community very kind people
Smithfield is a very small and quaint town with a lot of history in it. The people are very friendly and there are many events in downtown Smithfield that are so energetic and fun. It is a very pretty town and I love living here.
I've been living in Virginia for practically all my life and I love it. It's very friendly and quaint.
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Nice quiet small town. A great sense of community. Usually very little traffic unless a celebration is going on. Would be nice to have a few more food options to choose from, like a chickfila.
Smithfield is a great place to live, but for people who were not raised here it can be an odd adjustment. Since this is a relatively small town, most people here know each other; because of this, teens and young people moving in often times end up being outcasts. Other than the cliques, I feel as if Smithfield is a great mix of country living and city convenience.
Smithfield is a cute suburban area that definitely feels safe, but the people all "go way back," and have very old-fashioned beliefs. Religion and tradition are a big part of this town.
It is a small town with a lot of history. Downtown Smithfield has a lot to offer and explore to have a good time.
very good home town for family. Great food, great people. love the country experience. Not too far from surrounding cities.
I loved growing up in Smithfield VA. It's a nice and quiet place. There's not a lot going on out here. The people are nice and everywhere you go its like family. The only thing I really dislike about my town is that there aren't any options for phone or internet services out here. Verizon is the only phone service that works majority of the time and as for the internet service If you're lucky and live inside the town limits you might have charter. Overall It's a nice place to live and raise a family.
I have lived in Smithfield, VA my entire life. The best part about my hometown is the friendly people.
Smithfield is a small community with access to large cities within an hours drive. It is relatively safe and located on the Pagan River. Residents enjoy water recreation and year-round events.
They have built too many houses and no businesses to support the area. You have to go everywhere else for any type of shopping. All the antique stores are just junk stores with over priced items. It would be nice to see some new stores on main street for shopping, even some new restaurants that aren't fast food and that don't just cook food out of cans.
I like that it is a small town with a small population. it doesn't have a lot of crime, and it is growing in population at a slow rate. I would like to see more department store close by, but not in the town.
I have lived in Smithfield for over 10 years. I graduated from Smithfield High school and it is an excellent small town to grow up in and live. You can see the mayor around town and it's just a town where everyone knows each other and are willing to give a helping hand.
Smithfield is a historic community with a wonderful downtown area perfect for walking to explore the numerous local shops and restaurants. Windsor Castle Park is a beautiful outdoor space with a dog park and kayak launch.
Smithfield has a low crime rate and offers a small town atmosphere. It's very close to cities like Suffolk, Hampton, and Newport News. Smithfield is home to the famous Smithfield foods which is an American's meat processing company.
Smithfield is a great little town with just the right enough support to keep you and your love ones safe and comfortable.
Smithfield is a small agricultural town known for its ham. If a prospective Smithfield resident likes ham and close-knit community, this town is a perfect match. However, I personally enjoy neither of those things–I am vegan and I prefer cities with a more diverse scene and plentiful activities to do and places to go without having to drive to a neighboring city. However, for a retired couple, a country-loving person, or a small family, this quaint, residential town is the best match. The schools are not top-tier and the nightlife is not bustling (therefore I personally am not satisfied with my experience with Smithfield), but the atmosphere is extremely friendly, welcoming, and interwoven with history, ham, and hospitality.
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Smithfield is a quiet beautiful town with amazing people and shops. Small town with great places to eat, shop and live.
Smithfield is a beautiful town with a lot to offer visitors and citizens alike. From it's beautiful country roads, to its water front restaurants, this quaint town can please anyone looking for a good time in a nice environment. Want to get out? Great! Smithfield is only a half hour away from several popular locations including but not limited to, Newport News, Williamsburg, Norfolk and Virginia Beach. It is a great family friendly town that is a joy to be a member of.
I have loved Smithfield since the day I moved here. If you like it in the suburbs where it is a little bit rural but not way out there, this is the place for you. Your within 30-40 of just about anything you would want to do, but you still can see farmland all over. You will remember you times here in Smithfield. As a kid in school you might think you hate the small town atmosphere, but you're just gonna miss it later. Knowing where everything is and everyone in town. Knowing every party. It was like a country movie dream. I have had the best times of my life and left my mark and so should you
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