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I've been living in Slidell for going on three years and I liked the quietness oriented events there's nothing I can see that I would change personally.
Slidell has many stores and restaurants to choose from, but the amount of competitiveness between the stores means that many places end up shutting down because there aren’t enough people residing in the area to support businesses. Politicians are corrupt and there is a lack of responsibility or care coming from the government. The public schools are a disaster with many students complaining of bullying and a rough curriculum.
I love that Slidell is a family orientated city. It's very welcoming and the people are the epitome of southern hospitality. Everyone is so friendly and the environment is incredibly safe.
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I've lived in Slidell most of my life. I would like to see some more gentrification in some areas but overall it's very nice. There are lots of families here and a lot of family friendly activities.
Its a fairly nice town, lots of things to do and places to see. Fascinating local history and old town. sadly crime is a bit high.
The City of Slidell in St. Tammany Parish is the gateway to Louisiana from Interstates 10 and 59 from northern and south-western Mississippi and with a population of approximately 90,000, it is the cultural center of East St. Tammany Parish. It is 35 miles from New Orleans, a city that provides extensive cultural, nightlife, and sports entertainment for all the surrounding population. some of the residents who work in New Orleans commute daily covering about 70 miles and as such the lack of train or tram service linking Slidell with New Orleans is an issue that most of the residents will like to be resolved.
Slidell is a small city. Diversity is average I would say. With it being a small city, they have been making advancements in buildings and homes. I was born and raised in Slidell and I would say it was decent. Drive time to and from places was never long and it is a positive area to live in.
Slidell is a nice and safe neighborhood. On Gause Blvd there are a lot of stores and restaurants so food is never a problem. There are a couple of schools elementary, Junior High, and High schools. Also hang out spots for kids with about 3 shopping centers and a movie theater.
I have lived in Slidell for 18 years now. I have enjoyed my time here! Why this is a small town with nothing really to do, the people are friendly. The food is great and it’s only 30 minutes from New Orleans.
We just moved to Slidell from Michigan and absolutely love it! Our neighbors are wonderful! We love how safe our Lakewood Subdivision feels.
Slidell is your typical suburban city. There is a large selection of restaurants and fast food places, along with a popular shopping area, Fremaux Town Center. Besides this, there are a few parks, a movie, theater, and a trampoline park. Besides this, there aren't many activities and the only night life is in Olde Town, which is a bit run down. What is appealing about Slidell is its close proximity to New Orleans and safety in comparison.
I love Slidell. It's nice, quiet and peaceful. I love raising my kids here. The public schools in my district are excellent. There's not a whole lot for kids to do as for as entertainment and having fun. It's very limited for a preteen to teenage age group. There's bowling, skating, and a trampoline park.
Slidell's public schools could be better funded. Most of the schools are separated by where the economy is. For instance, the schools that are better funded tend to be on the side of town that has the most money. The streets could also be redone. Overall, Slidell is still home to many people. Olde Town provides antique shops, a soda shop, and plenty of bars. Driving around, you can find multiple parks that are waiting for children to explore.
While living in Slidell has been far from a bad experience, I believe the lack of opportunity in the surrounding area and lack of opportunity within the academic system, make the down deserve a 4/5.
Decent place to live but the nightlife is pretty dead unless you drive to New Orleans and also severely lacking in public transportation.
I have been living is Slidell for 7 years and I've learned that there isn't a whole lot to do if you are under the age of 21. The schools very. Some schools are extremely hard compared to other. There isn't that much traffic.
Slidell is a perfect town with a perfect city life. Located just 20 miles from New Orleans as well as from the Gulf Coast, there are plenty of opportunities for careers, continuing education, and entertainment!
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I would like to see Slidell offer a bigger variety of things to do! There really isn’t much to do in Slidell. You often have to go to New Orleans or Covington/Mandeville.
I love Slidell because it is a small town while still being really close to New Orleans. I can get the best of both words.
While the town has a lot of great restaurants and wonderful food, that is about all there really is. There really aren't a whole lot of activities to do in the area.
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