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I like the overall diversity in Skokie. It is a huge park district with multiple school districts included. There are many activities and ways for families to be involved in the community.
The school system, scenery, people & food. Skokie Illinois has some of the best food outside of Chicago, which is famous for their Pizza. If you ever visit try the Asiago French Fries, they are deliciously good.
Very safe, calm, and welcoming town. Skokie is a great place to live at, people are friendly and welcoming to all people. The awesome things this place has to offer should be taken into account too.
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Skokie is the best place to start a family since there is so many opportunities for young and old. IT's also pretty safe here to have kids and make sure everything is find and not having to worry about them.
Skokie in Illinois is a good town I believe, the atmosphere is great, you don't really see bad activities the mall is a great place to hang out with friends and you won't run into any problems really.
Skokie is a great place to live and start a family. The area is peaceful and has many great schools around and growing up here for 17 years, I have found that there are many things to do. While Skokie itself is quiet, this itself is not a bad thing, it's location provides easy rest for when breaks are needed and because of its proximity to places like Lake Michigan, Downtown Evanston, and Downtown Chicago, you are able to have fun when you want to while maintaining a calm and peaceful everyday lifestyle
I recently moved to skokie from Albany park and one thing that I can say is that its very different. Its very quite in skokie, but at the same time theres also so much to do. There are parts of skokie where it might seem plane but skokie does have some hidden gems.
I grew up in Skokie, so I might be a bit biased, but I love Skokie. The neighborhood has slowly expanded since I was little, and yet it still maintains it's charm. Being only minutes outside of Chicago, you really get the best of both worlds.
Skokie has a lot of ups and only a few downs. It is an extremely diverse town with people of all different beliefs and ethnicity. I think that the schools in Skokie are very good, with updated facilities and a pretty good staff. The town itself is for the most part nice and safe, with a few spots where it may not be the greatest. Overall, I think that Skokie is a great place.
Skokie is a great neighborhood. Fairview school district is top rated and they have provided an amazing education. The park district offerings and amenities are incredible and very reasonably priced. Skokie is an excellent place to live.
Skokie is a very diverse community, walking around town you see people from all different backgrounds. We are the largest village in the country. I have lived here my whole life and I love it. There's no busy city traffic at all hours of the day but it's still lively. There are parks sprinkled all over the community, if you took a stroll you'd probably pass quite a few. It's also a pretty safe and tight knit neighborhood, you don't hear about very much criminal activity taking place here but of course no place is exempt from crime. A lot of the community knows each other, if not through a personal or professional connection then through mutual friends. There are many different ethnic restaurants across the town from Chinese, to Indian to Mexican, we have it all. Most importantly we are an accepting and inclusive community where no one is singled out or made to feel unaccepted.
Skokie is a town that has had an enormous impact on who I am today. It is a diverse community, not only ethnically, but socially and culturally too. No man is an island in this town; you can find people to connect with as long as you are willing to reach out. This has been especially prevalent in recent years, where the community as a whole has made it a point to ensure that its members feel safe by offering talks and information sessions regarding different political and social topics. I am proud to be a part of this town and hope to continue to aid it in its efforts for safety and inclusivity.
Great community, safe place to be in. Grew up here, has a very nice public library with a lot of resources. The residents are kind and friendly, as well as the schools. Good amount of options for eating and shopping, and overall a fun town with lots of parks for children to play in.
Love how everything is within close proximity! There are great neighborhoods and schools within Skokie!
Skokie has been the home for me and my family for over 20 years and has made us feel very safe. The public schools are staffed with caring and helpful teachers while the students and their families make up the diversity the town is known for.
Lots of stores, restaurants, and places to hang out with friends. Great place for families. High schools offer many opportunists for students.
It's great living in skokie. I'm 5 minutes from 94 and a 15 min drive to downtown. Home prices are going up big time because of how great the schools are. As a young family I couldnt be happier with the quality of education, beautiful parks, new shopping is always being built and location. We have access to two great shopping areas old orchard and village crossing. It is also very safe. I see police cars everywhere and the whole neighborhood is very vigilant in reporting crimes. The village of skokie picks up trash twice a week and also come by without asking and trims our tree over out back alley. Had a water main break in the cold.....fixed in 2 hours. I mean come on. They are well organized and funded.
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The streets and have more safety police
And have the taxes go down
Have more affordable housing and Have more parking lots for our neighborhood
Stop giving street cleaning tickets
I like Skokie because of its diversity, it welcomes everyone with a big heart. One can find a mosque, temple, synagogue, church in Skokie. It is the best place to raise children with lots of fun filled activities.
Skokie is a very diverse and welcoming community, great schools, great atmosphere! Skokie is a home to everyone I know, it is truly one of the most amazing suburbs of Chicago.
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