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I like the opportunities offered in a bigger town yet there's still that "small town" feel. I don't like the increase in population and crime.
I have had an overall good experience with Sioux Falls. I have landed a good job and bought a home. There are plenty of things to do close the community. There are many activities during the summer months.

I think if I would change something it would be more activities in the winter months.
I was born and raised here in Sioux Falls. I love the variety of activities that are Available here from outdoor activities like biking and hiking to the fun downtown vibe with many celebrations held on the river banks
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Sioux Falls has been my favorite place to live in South Dakota so far. The demographic is very conservative though making progress in this state very slow
I love the flow of Sioux Falls. There are so man opportunities and benefits that come along with being a resident here. There are plenty of jobs, its easy to navigate through, and the schooling here is amazing.
It is a very nice place to grow up in and raise kids in; however, I feel it is very behind in certain aspects especially compared to Minnesota. I feel more money and care needs to be put into the roads and public schools. Also downtown needs to have more event with live music.
Its a big town with city feel. You can get to any place within 15min and there is something always open. Its a diverse community who care about others and have a big community feel. There is crime like any growing city but people still feel safe enough to take their kids out for a walk or bike ride.
As someone who grew up here, I have a special place in my heart for Sioux Falls. There is a fair amount to do and the city is growing, but I wish there were more outdoor activities. Not very progressive, which is hard to deal with sometimes.
I love the access to civilized resources while being surrounded by the freedom of the country. I can visit wholesale vendors and big chains like Walmart, Kohl's, and Target, while also submersing myself in a substantial amount of green spaces.
My only complaint is that the Sioux River is gross, pervasive with bacteria and unpleasant to look at. It has been for a long time. Should that be fixed, I believe that Sioux Falls is quite nearly a paradise.
Sioux Falls is the best place. I'm really happy to live here. I will study Augustana university. The air is very pure
Winter had many activities, even a ski lift and an indoor pool. Summer has camping, fishing and swimming, outdoor concerts etc. If you are an outdoor person, young and fit, Sioux Falls is the best. However, if you are an outdoor person but not that fit and enjoy things like walking in the park and some gardening and bar-b-ques then..not so much. Too many dreary days, hot and cold. As a Senior citizen having spent first 37 years in NYC and next 33 in rural SD I think Sioux Falls is an excellent place to be. Health care is excellent and shopping is grouped together with easy access.
Sioux Falls is a great town to find a job. The unemployment rate is always around 3%, and it is a big enough city to have everything you need, but yet you still get a small town vibe here. There are a lot of things to do with sporting teams, and a great downtown sense.
50% of days during the year kids cannot go outside because weather it is too cold and/or too windy. 30% of time kids can get outside but it is very unpleasent. Only 15-20% of time weather is ok. Perfect weather - not too hot/ cold and not windy happens maybe 10-15 days in a year. If you live downtown, those 10-15 days can be ruined by horrible smell coming from the slaughterhouse. Growning season is very short, so access to healthy organic food is limited. People eat mostly junk. Combination of poor diet and vitamin D deficiency cause many people to be sick. So, 3 huge hospital systems in the city are thriving and expanding. If health is important to you, if you like to be outside, bike, hike, walk or have kids to play outside, this is terrible city.
Sioux Falls is a nice town that is growing quickly, but it still has lots of traffic problems, and minimal entertainment options.
I love Sioux Falls because it has that city feel, but it's not so big that I get lost. There are many options for shopping, restaurants, and even grocery stores.
In my opinion, Sioux Falls is the ideal city sizes. It is not a large city, but it still has a vast array of dining, shopping, and entertainment options. The downtown area is a huge asset to the city which has made many improvements over the years and is continuing to do so.
Sioux Fall although a big city you will never forget a face. Lots of fun things to do. We have the largest waterpark in the state. As well as several bowling alleys, parks, an outdoor campus, and a butterfly house.
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I really like how diverse of a city that we have. Every corner you turn there is some different ethnicity, or background of people. People are quite friendly generally in the Midwest and I would say we are part of that! The only downside that I don't like is that there isn't a lot of stuff for people to do here yet. In time, it will keep growing so I hope that there will be more opportunity for that kind of stuff. The public schools principals try their best to control things that happen at school, but sometimes it's not the greatest. The fights that happen on the bus, some schools will take more action than others, and it needs to be all or nothing in that case I think.
Sioux Falls is an up and coming area full of growth opportunities. It has plenty of amenities where you can find anything you are looking for. It is a great community where you have an opportunity to get to know your neighbors and build a support network.
Sioux Falls is a very homey and welcoming city. The longer you live here, the more included you feel. A typical drawback of the Midwest is limited diversity and Sioux Falls is no exception.
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