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Nice, Suburb town of the state of CT just outside of Hartford County. Schools/Education is great. Location is quiet and great if you have small kids. However because it is a small town there aren't many things to do and many stores and restaurants close around 8 pm. Main Street has a lot of options and is a highlight of the town. There's also Simsbury Celebrates in the summer where the Hartford Symphony Orchestra performs that many residents find enjoyable.
Simsbury is a beautiful town with a great school system. I also love the fact that it is very suburban with little through traffic.
It is a nice town, but some of the people aren't the best. it has many good places to eat and hang out.
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Lived in many countries and travel for a living. Simsbury is an extremely good town to live in. It is safe, clean and educated. 3-5 very good restaurants close by, bike trails galore, music and festivals all year long, ski area 5 minutes away and some of the best fishing in the East. 3 hours into NYC and 2 hours into the airport close by is great to get in and out of....with direct flights to the major hubs.....
Lived there about 12 out of the 19 years of my life. Good place to raise kids but it gets VERY expensive very quick. Diversity is lacking but I like to think is getting better.
The schools are great ... Not diverse enough... Most people are nice but there are many people who look down on the less fortunate... Night life ? Where? There are many family fun things to do tho ... Way to exspensive but it is a low crime place .
a great town to live in. It still has a central "down town" with mom and pop stores and resturants. The town has beautful landscaping in the summer. ther is an outdoor music venue, bike paths and great resturants. The public schools have ben ranked the best in the USA.
Great school district. Nice local restaurants (Table 570), attractions (Flower Bridge), and events (Simsbury Celebrates).
Simsbury is a beautiful town with great scenery. There are many outdoor things to do around Simsbury, including hikes and many golf courses.
Great place to raise kids! Many family friendly neighborhoods and activities to kids. Outstanding school district.
Good diversity and the folks are really nice. Everything that you need is around a 20 minute driving radius. Glad to have moved here!
Simsbury is a town with a high-quality school system. If you plan on raising kids there, then the high taxes and expensive real estate are worth it. It's a nice, walkable, town that's great for children of all ages. Otherwise, if you don't have kids, you should consider living in a different town.
Simsbury is a great small suburban town located north of Hartford. Simsbury offers great local businesses, as well as very fun daily activities. With the Farmington river running straight through the town, many water activities such as paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing, etc. are very popular. Simsbury also has a very strong public school system, and is ranked very highly among the nations schools.
It is a very safe town. Everyone is super friendly and willing to help out. The neighborhoods are very inviting however, it is expensive to live in this town
I have always lived and grown up in Simsbury. This is a great place to raise a family, with many outdoor and indoor family activities to do. There are also a lot of really good local restaurants in and around Simsbury.
Beautiful town, variety of options for fun, and great small-businesses'. Great school system, one of the top school systems in the state. BEautiful town, great places to hike and very friendly and welcoming people.
The town of Simsbury isn't a place where I'd recommend for children and young adults to attend school or interact with locals. Growing up as a student with special needs, I was bullied constantly because I didn't live the perfect lifestyle or personality. However, the town's famous attractions and restaurants are a delight for people living in the area.
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Grew up here. Still trying to get out, but not having the best luck. Too expensive (and not diverse enough) to live here, but cannot make enough money to get out.
In Simsbury there is not a lot to do except for high school sport home games. Their are plenty of opportunities for high schoolers to get jobs.
I have lived in Simsbury all my life and I think it is a great town. There are a lot of nice families and the kids are all very involved with sports. There are great places to eat and exercise.
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