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Our town is so amazing in so many ways. We are a small community of caring, happy, and religious people. Some call us the “Bible Belt” because of how many churches we have in our tight space, and that’s okay! We love it anyways, and that’s why it is so excellent.
I love the small town feel. Your not far from other big towns in the area and we are growing quickly.
It's a great place to be! There are a lot of job opportunities and since it's a smallish town, everyone feels close. It has a small town kind of feel even though there are lots of stores and shopping. Siloam is very close to the bigger cities, simplifying shopping. The school system is a bit weird because there is one high school, one 7th-8th grade school, 5th-6th grade school, one 3rd-4th grade school, one 1st-2nd grade school and a kindergarten. Down town Siloam is really and pretty and a great place to hang out.
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Siloam Springs is an overall welcoming and friendly place. Its smallness doesn't provide much to do other than visit a few local coffee shops and restaurants, but the up side is that you get to know everyone, so the town feels more homelike and safe. People are usually willing to help with car troubles, house trouble and just about everything else. There are fun small-town events throughout the year such as Christmas parades and festivals, but generally, it's a quiet, peaceful town.
I love living here! It is a great environment to grow up in!
The downtown is expanding and thriving, and it is a joy to see how the town grows every year!
Great family oriented town. Typical small town America. Everything closes down by 10 at night. Beautiful town and beautiful people. I would like to see some increased diversity in the area. I would also like to see more investment in infrastructure for this growing small town.
Small town feel with most ammenities that bigger towns have. Great place to raise kids and have a family. There are bike trails through the entire town, paved and off-road. John Brown University is a great school located in the heart of Siloam.
It's a small, quiet town that is very hospitable to the students at JBU. There are multiple restaurants in town with fabulous Mexican food and a couple burger joints. It's a quick drive to the nearest city (about 20 minutes) and has access to multiple outdoor adventure sites.
Siloam Springs is a great community. It is the perfect balance between country town and city. I would like to see more variety with stores and restaurants in Siloam.
Siloam is a great small town. It is currently in the running for Small Business Revolution season 3 finals. There are lots of great shops downtown, the schools are wonderful and it has John Brown University which is a fantastic, private Christian college.
SIloam Springs is a fun small city int Northwest Arkansas. I moved to Siloam Springs from California about 13 years ago and I really have enjoyed living here! I feel safe wherever I go, and the coffee shops downtown are great. Siloam Springs is definitely a city that provides southern comfort and joy.
I love the small-town feel of Siloam Springs and the safeness and warmth that it has. I have never been to a city where everyone is so inviting and homes are always welcome. As a student from Minnesota who attends the college there, I have found Siloam to be like a second home. Professors, faculty, and people within the community have opened up there homes and have had me over for dinner on numerous occasions. The only thing that would make Siloam better would be that it had more things to do, especially for college students. On the bright side, there's plenty of places within an hours distance to get away and go do fun things!
Siloam is a family-friendly small town whose highlights are the private Christian university and the artsy local downtown. Not for those who crave a nightlife, Siloam Springs is instead community-driven and arts-centered, with activities catering to families and students.

Both the university and Siloam's small business owners actively fuel the creative spirit of the local community. JBU's contributions to the community include the student-hosted radio station and many alumni business owners, and downtown flourishes with painted murals, poetry slams, and coffee shop concerts.

The broader business district is only several minutes away and features many stores and dining options. The entertainment opportunities are more sparse, with only a small movie theater and casino, but the university hosts multiple productions a year that are open to the community at large, including drama, musical theatre, art galleries, concerts, and an annual writing & arts festival.
Siloam Springs is a small town, with a big town feel. The citizens are generous, giving people. Downtown walks are the best. This is an area that is great for starting a family or settling down.
Depending on the people you are around in Silaom it can be good or bad. Down town is super cute with lots of friendly people. It is rapidly growing bigger and the real estate community is great.
Siloam Springs is an absolutely adorable little town. Just far enough away from big cities to avoid major traffic, but close enough to enjoy the weekends.
Great small town feel. Good community to raise a family. With good distance to other towns for shopping and entertainment.
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Siloam is a great little town, with hidden opportunities for food, fun, friends and fun events if you're willing to look for them. There's camping, hiking and swimming nearby, and a trip to the nearby Fayetteville is never a bad thing or inconvenient.
Siloam Springs is charmingly small. It is almost impossible to go out somewhere and not see someone you know, which always gives me a sense of safety and belonging. Siloam Springs has a nice array of downtown antique shops, boutiques, farmer's markets, restaurants, and grocery stores. the biggest drawback is that Siloam Springs has no Target and no Chic-Fil-A. However, it is conveniently near Fayettville, which offers nearby access to many larger companies and business opportunities. My favorite thing about Siloam is the amount of churches. There is a joke that there is a new church every week. Also, these churches seem to work together often to benefit each other and the Siloam community. This makes Siloam Spring a great place to grow spiritually and come together as a community.
The town of Siloam Springs, AR is a great place to call home. It is a safe and family friendly town that supports Veterans and local businesses.
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