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If you're a rich white person, looking to start a family, this is the place for you. It's very safe, you have a 98% chance that all your neighbors are also white. plenty of good churches. The schools are the best in the region, good education. In all seriousness, its a nice place. Really pretty. Just be advised that its almost entirely rich white people.
Great for Raising Children and a great small town community. Safe and friendly!
It is a commute to any big box stores - roughly 20 minutes at a minimum. The real estate is rather high as well.
Don’t move here from out of state! Signal Mountain is a great place to live and go to school compared to the choices off the mountain, but the city of signal Mountain and the schools are not even comparable to others in the country. You will spend so much more money for crap housing and crap schools here then other cities in the country. There is nothing on the mountain. You will have to drive 30-45 min away just to get somewhere decent to eat. Most people are snobby rich white people who think they are better then everyone else. Even the kids are stuck up with their schedules sporting events and play dates. Oh, btw, the allergies are horrific. I wish I had seen a review like this before I moved here. Most people here think it’s great because they haven’t ever lived anywhere else to know the difference. So don’t listen to the locals.
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Signal Mountain is very safe and a great family environment. Diversity could be much better. Schools are wonderful and academic performance is strong. Cute library.
I've lived on Signal for my entire life, and now that I'm at the age to begin thinking about college, I'm ready to leave. It's a fine place to live at a young age: the neighborhoods are very safe and crime is almost non-existent, parents are very involved in the school system, and plenty of young families have moved to the community. However, Signal is very much a small town, and it can be suffocating for a young adult looking to experience the world to live in. Since the price of living is so high, there is a distinct lack of diversity in both race and social class, making it difficult for young adults and adults alike to broaden their perspectives.
I like how most everything I need is about ten minutes away. The majority of people here are also nice.
I have lived on Signal for my entire life, and I have loved every day of it! From the friendly citizens to the small-town, cozy feel of the mountain, Signal is the place for anyone...especially families!
Signal Mountain is, in general, a closed community. The school system relies very much on parent involvement. It is a small town, but expensive to live in.
Signal Mountain is a lovely small town that can make anyone feel at home. There are a lot of community events and the surrounding area is beautiful and filled with trees.
Signal is a great place to live and has beautiful views but, not only that is up on signal as you drive the curvy roads you will come across hiking trails and even parks that are full of people. Signal is known for there community and how they are always helping each other out. Signal is also know for there school and how well there sports there are. Signal is a Great place to be and a beautiful place to say I highy recommend visiting or driving through.
As long as you're a white Republican you'll love it! I think it's the whitest town in Tennessee. The police love to pull you over unless you're driving a luxury car. It's not so much what you know as who you know. Taxes are getting ready to jump because the conservatives who run the government are fiscally challenged!
Signal Mountain is a safe and diverse community with great schools. There are 2 major elementary schools and 1 public high school with great course options that will prepare students for their futures.
Signal Mountain is not necessarily the ideal place to move to in the middle of high school or as a single. The mountain is primarily families and if you are going to enroll your children in schools here, do it early on because kids are unaccepting of change. Snobby attitudes.
Signal Mountain is a pretty cool town. It is very family friendly and most of the neighbors are nice and polite. If you are looking for a new church, then you will find that there is many to choose from. However, we need more restaurants to choose from (ex. Taco Bell).
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