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I love the small community in Shorewood. People mostly know each other, but not in the creepy small-town-murder-mystery way. We're a small town right near a big city, so there's a lot to do, and we're very close to the lake.
Shorewood is a nice neighborhood, with nice housing options. There's not a lot to do, but there are some pretty great resturants near by. I love that my current location is not very far from the university. I also love that Metro Market is just down the street so you do not have to go very far to if you need to quickly go get some groceries. Crave Cafe is also one of the best resturants around, and I tell everyone that they need to go there.
Shorewood is a safe, walkable, bike-friendly community a block from UWM. There is a bike trail that can take you almost anywhere in the city and by the beautiful Lake Michigan. The schools are some of the best in the state. Shorewood has beautiful old homes. Property taxes in Wisconsin are expensive, but you get wonderful benefits. I have lived here for 13 years and my husband and I plan on retiring here. I will be able to walk to the library and stores as long as my body can stay active.
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I moved to Shorewood in April. I wanted an apartment that was near campus and work. It is a very nice area -- I live only a few blocks away from the lake and my rent is only $740/mo. It is a cheap area to live for how nice the area. Recently, the area has been developing a bit more (i.e. new shops and restaurants), but there still isn't a whole lot to do here. If I want to go out with friends, usually we would have to travel a couple miles by car before we find something to do or a someplace to go. I am also pleasantly surprised by how diverse Shorewood is. For example, in my building there are tenants of various ages, family composition, and ethnic backgrounds. It's very refreshing.
Grew up here raised 3 children. I love this village. I wouldn't raise children anywhere else in the world.
Excellent. Small and picturesque, with a booming local economy. Located right next to Lake Michigan, Shorewood's safe community, coupled with its state of the art schools make it one of the finest, and most diverse, in the state of Wisconsin.
Shorewood is a beautiful community, vibrant with young life due to the presence of the UW Milwaukee campus. Right on the gorgeous shores of Lake Michgan, lots to offer for travelers
Shorewood is a great location for families and young professionals. Minutes away from the lake, always quiet and clean. There are a number of new construction apartments around. The restaurants and grocery stores are aplenty. I love it.
Being a college student in the Shorewood area is amazing. I go to school at UW-Milwaukee, and I love that I feel so safe in this community. There are families and college students everywhere, and I love how great it is there. The stores are great, and it's so close to Milwaukee that I get the small town and city experience all at once.
I go to school at Shorewood High School and it is an amazing school. Not great diversity but great academics in a safe environment with open lunch.
Very safe. Police have very little to do, so they tend to be overly strict on many minor violations.
Very Liberal community. Cares a lot about the environment. Accepts a certain profile of person and is not very accepting of differences.
Shorewood has an atmosphere of a more settled area verses the area between the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and North Avenue, although I haven't seen a non-rich white person walking around the area in the past week, so in other words the diversity sucks.
I love Shorewood and highly recommend loving here.
It is wonderful if you want all 4 seasons. The cold can drag on a bit tho.
Most places are wonderful rent is pretty high as well as property taxes.
Neighbors need to be more vigilant and watch whatvis goong on around them.
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There are a lot of wooded parks qith some great trails for hiking or biking along the river
There are not a lot of job oppurtunities within the communirty
There are a lot of upscale retailers
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