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It's a very small town, so having things to do as a teenager is slim to none. Other than that, new things are arriving downtown everyday, and things are generally peaceful.
The houses have huge yards and lost of privacy.
Community is very helpful. The people in my community will give you the shirt off there back to help out.
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Yes there is crime, but then again there crime every where, but i believe we have police officer that do there jobs very well and keep the crime levels low.
I find Statesville to be very friendly. There a lake near by for summer swimming, also has many different places to go eat including my favorite cookout.
There are not many abandoned houses around this area. This is a nice farming rural area to live in.
The people here are overall friendly and kind and for the most part tolerant.
We actually have the four seasons which is great. We get the beat of all four seasons and are close to the mountains and the beaches. The only disasters we have had here are hurricanes and they are infrequent.
The local businesses like retail stores are very poor in this area. We just recently found out we were losing JC Penneys at our local mall. We have already lost Sears and Peebles. We have to rise to Hickory, Winston Salem or Charlotte to shop.
The reaction time and the present of the police/fire is pretty good for this rural area. I have seen no problems with the local government officials in the area.
There are plenty of neighbors that help with community watch although we do not meet regularly so we feel pretty safe in this neighborhood. As of right now there has not been many crimes around our neighborhood thankfully.
There are some people with great jobs and some people that do not have the jobs they wanted but you will find that anywhere. My father is self employed and my mom works at the local hospital. The overall outlook is okay when it comes to job availability in this area.
There is not much opportunity with decent pay in the area.
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