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I love everything about Shiloh. It's so close to the highway, stores, and restaurants. Everyone is so kind and welcoming. The schools are absolutely amazing and are close.
A lovely small town that is very close to a variety of other small towns such as Bellville, O'Fallon, and Collinsville. You are only a thirty-minute drive from St. Louis, so it is great if you work in St. Louis and want a cheaper living circumstance.
I have lived in Shiloh for over 30 years and love my community. The Village is fiscally responsible and the quality of life here is way above other communities in the area.
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Shiloh is smaller town in southern Illinois. It is somewhat quick with polite members. It’s constantly growing, but still holds on to its history with beautiful historical houses still standing.
There really is no crime, quiet city, friendly neighbors and community. Only thing I would change is the school. They have no program in place for kids with needs like ADHD. They send them off to another city which low income parents like me can't afford.
They are trying. the town is steadily building up infastructure. they are expanding the police and fire stations, building new hospitals, refinishing the retirement home, and always trying to acomodate the transient people brought in by the military base.
Shiloh is a smaller suburb town in Illinois next to Belleville. It has grown quickly over the past decade and has several nice neighborhoods and parks. It is a military friendly area and is approximately 10 minutes from Scott AFB making it a prime location for military families to live. Since it is small there is not much for a nightlife or much of anything but its close proximity to other cities in the area provide grocery stores and other necessities.
Shiloh is a great family community located about two miles from Scott AFB. The public schools are excellent and consistently rank among the highest in the state. The job market is good if you want to work on base or travel to St Louis which is only 15 miles away.
Small and mostly quiet, but close enough to visit large cities without making a road trip of it. Great police, fire, EMS, and road services. Not much in the way of shopping or nightlife, but Belleville, O'Fallon, and Saint Louis offer anything Shiloh is missing.
The police do a pretty good job of keeping the area safe and secure. You can always seem them driving around and occasionally pulling someone over, though I have no idea their own thoughts on the matter.
The police patrols give out candy to the kids on Halloween. The Fire department does a fire safety day at the elementary and middle schools every year. The response time for the police department is less than five minutes for non emergency calls. This is a very safe town.
I have lived here for six years and have enjoyed my experience greatly. I hope to retire here when I am financially able.
The area I live is not very interesting. I live around corn fields. There's always a struggle to decide on what to do during weekends.
My overall experience here is neither good or bad. In fact, it is rather mundane due to the fact that nothing ever happens. I personally don't think that its a bad thing, mainly due to the fact that bad things such as arguments between neighbors is a very rare occurrence. The only kind of unfortunate event there is to worry about is on day of bad weather, such as tornado or thunderstorm warnings.
No wildlife left... Taking down all to build houses and apartment buildings
Great area... No section 8 housing
Not much crime in a small town... 30 miles from here is a different story.. Lots of killings there
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Hot and cold, that's about the only options spring and fall have been very short
Not a whole lot of late night, don't usually go to happy hour... And all the restaurants are chain very very few unique ones
Small town... Not a lot of options
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