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I have been living in Shillington, PA for over 2 years now. The location that I live in is small and peaceful, quiet, and wooded where I am at. It is close to two major highways and in a very convenient location. The only thing I would change is the buro to allow firepits in certain areas.
Shillington is a small town located near Reading Pennsylvania. The Governor Mifflin School District is located there with many students attending. Near the school there is a recreational park which provides space for many events like cross country meets, concerts, and birthday parties at the pool. Overall, the community is safe and friendly.
Shillington has a diverse social dynamic that can lead to conflicts between neighbors. The neighborhood used to mainly consist of older home owners from the outskirts of Wyomissing, but now many new residents come from Reading, the local city.
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I have grown up in the town of Shillington. I love it, but I wish there was more to do in the town. I want a better night life scene and more healthy dining options!
It is a very nice place but there are certant times when I am concerned about some of the people who live here
I enjoy how suburban and calm it is. It's a great place for new, young couples, families, and the elderly. There's not too much night life, but everything you need is very close and convenient. The only thing that must change is the bumpy roads, as with the rest of PA.
Shillington has good opportunities for kids from schools, to day camps in the camps, to good playgrounds and parks. Over the past couple years, there have been some troubles with car break ins but it stays relatively quiet. Neighbors are usually quiet and friendly. Lots of older people living in the neighborhood. Overall a 3/5
I like that Shillington has many wooded areas and parks to explore, such as Shillington Park, Nolde Forest, and the Wyomissing Creek. Most neighbors are friendly, but diversity is lacking. Not many job opportunities either.
Shillington is a great city to settle down with you and your family due to the variety of local businesses and job opportunity. Also, the school's are very well kept and keep your children on the right path.
Shillington is not just your typical friendly neighborhood; the friendliness expands past your next-door neighbor because the Governor Mifflin School District embodies "Mustang Nation" which has not only united the students of the school district, but the parents, businesses, and other residents as well. Mustang Nation supports and encourages one another to reach for the stars and achieve their goals.
I have lived here all my life. Most people are friendly, plenty of stores, restaurants, and shops to choose from. Little to offer as far as nightlife. About one hour drive to Philadelphia, forty-five minutes to Allentown.
Shillington is a small community outside of the larger city of Reading. It is quiet and peaceful. This community is great for new families, the school system is great and the community offers a lot of program.
Shillington is a very friendly town. It has many food shopping places and the shopping centers are only 10 mins away. The town has a great school district.
Shillington is a great place to live. It has just about everything within walking distance. The roads are always plowed quickly after a storm. Everyone is really friendly and helpful
I've recently moved (in the last year) from west lawn,pa to Shillington, pa. I am pleased with the move because I enjoy the area more -more spacious and the neighbors/neighborhood. The biggest weighing factor would be the school district change. I am a Wilson graduate, and Governor Mifflin has been a long time rival. So this switch is pretty big, that now my children are with the rival. But I love this district as a parent, so much more. My oldest child (middle school) enjoys the teachers and school more as well. Friendly school environment that's more accepting and less judgemental. The staff and parent interaction has been welcoming, refreshing, friendly and I believe in this staff so much more as a parent.
I am active in the Girl Scout troop in Shillington. I also have been working at the library for three years. It is truly a community place. I have seen so many community members there. I also love the Shillington pool that many of the children here go to.
When it comes to the town known as Shillington, there are both positive and negative attributes to its description. In terms of positive attributes, the town has a noteworthy library that is open to anyone. Both offering rental books and movies, it is quite the resource for those searching for a form of entertainment. Another interesting attribute about the town of Shillington is that it contains the Shillington pool. Offering a summer-long membership, it is the best place within the area to get some aquatic exercise. However, just like any other town, there are also negative characteristics about Shillington. Usually during the nightly hours, there is sometimes suspicious activity that occurs within the shadows of the early morning, such as illegal dealing, theft, and even the damaging of private property. However, thankfully, law enforcement within the town helps to maintain these problems and keep them at a minimum level.
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Shillington is a very safe town, very family friendly, and a great place for healthy living. The houses in Shillington are very affordable and there are few foreclosures in the town. Shillington and its surrounding towns are not crowded so the commute time is perfect; it'll never take a long time to get anywhere! There are plenty of businesses, companies, and stores in Shillington and its surrounding towns so there are plenty of job opportunities. The only public school district in Shillington is Governor Mifflin, which is a good school that also has its flaws. The flaws of both the Governor Mifflin school district and Shillington as a whole lack diversity. The town is almost completely populated with Caucasians and barely any minorities. The nightlife in Shillington is almost nonexistent. There is nothing to do at night other than eating a fast food restaurant.
Moved to the area 4 years ago. Love the school district for my children. Family neighborhood, close to parks, pools, YMCA, bowling alley, skate away etc.
The police are very present in our community.
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