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A safe town, sort of stuffy and not terribly exciting. Set in a pretty natural setting.

Public schools get a lot of praise and are very good compared to neighboring areas, but are just average on a national scale.

Housing is expensive, but more affordable that areas closer to Portland.

It's a suburb and not set up to be very walkable or to have easy access to businesses by foot.

A few good local restaurants, but mainly fast food chains available.

Residents have a very good opinion of the town, cannot stop raving about it.
If you want to be mocked and stalked for wearing a mask into a store this is your place. Everyone here thinks a pandemic is a political conspiracy. Sherwood lacks community, compassion and intelligence.
Overall Sherwood is a great town. It is a great community, and is growing rapidly. The schools are amazing and Old Town Sherwood is very charming. However, there isn't a lot of diversity in Sherwood and houses in Sherwood are expensive.
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I love Sherwood because the city has lots of different restaurants, stores, and parks. There are lots of small businesses which are very involved in the community. Sherwood has a small town community feel. The schools are amazing and with one high school there is a huge sense of pride around Sherwood in the Sherwood Bowmen.
The commute into Portland is brutal. The drive to Hillsboro is nice where I used to work. Sherwood had an affordable housing boom that unfortunately made every neighborhood look like the next. Next came the food chains. Just nothing to love for me.
A concentration of religious people are making the rules. Anyone who acts progressive only pretends to be to feel better. They chose Sherwood so that others could do the dirty work for them - discriminate.
Tons of traffic, nothing to do, no diversity, ugly new sprawling cookie cutter neighborhoods, chain restaurants and one target.
The town is a great place to grow up or raise kids but is not ideally suited if you want a social life. The town is also not very diverse.
I have grown up in Sherwood and have been blessed to be apart of this tight community. From school events, to summer festivals, this town has continued to have a small town feel even while growing.
Living in Sherwood is so welcoming because of the close knit community. When you're doing errands, you'll see at least one person you know because of how small the community is. You'll also be driving in Old Town Sherwood and you'll mosts likely know who is in the other car also stopped at the four way intersection. One thing I would change about Sherwood is the amount of attractions there are for younger ages. Sherwood is filled with restaurants or fast food places and not enough attractions for teens or young adults.
I love the small town feel, and our robin hood festival. One thing I would change is having more interesting activities to do, as well as better high school teachers. Also, we have little diversity, so it would be great to get more of that!
It's a good place to be in with a good community to make things around the area; whether it's with the schools, the neighborhood, or the whole town in general.
My family had to uproot and move to the Salem area. Congestion has gotten so bad that commuting was no longer feasible. Local politics are in the hands of just a few and they do not have quality of life as a priority for their citizens.
It took moving away for college to see how backwards Sherwood is. I honestly don't believe that POC or LGBT would feel safe here. Sherwood is behind the times living in their own bubble, if anything most residents are feeling more empowered to discriminate these days.
Sherwood is bursting at the seams. We used to have a gorgeous view but quickie construction has gone up behind us. It used to be a friendly town where you would say hello and you knew the town officials. The town used to come all out for the Bowmen. The new families want their kids in club sports and they drive them out to bigger cities.
Housing prices are high all over Portland but it used to be cheaper in the outlying areas. (Sherwood is as far out as you can get before Yamhill County) But the prices are through the roof now! The strongest appeal for the town used to be huge houses for cheap. Also Hwy 99 is so clogged up now and it's the only main thoroughfare. You can't quickly run an errand anymore and the stores get really long lines. Forget Target unless you go at opening. Too many people!
I'm one of the few people whose family lived here before everyone else decided to. I don't see the problem with wanting to live around similar people. If you want diversity live on the west side of Portland. I don't like that our beautiful countryside is getting overbuilt with tract homes. The wildlife is leaving and the traffic is ridiculous.
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I couldn't leave this place fast enough when I graduated. What a miserable place to grow up. The schools only care about you if you are in sports and the community only cares about you if you're white. It's an ugly, close minded, isolated little town.
Not the friendly town it appears to be. Bullying is such an issue that the schools have to work with the police. If you want friends, be white, straight and Christian. The neighborhoods are seas of look alike homes on small lots. Old town has a bit of charm but outside of that it's strip malls.
I grew up most of my life here and still do to this day. It is one of the safest towns in America and most peaceful and clean towns out there.
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