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You have to love where you live, because when you live there, you have to accept the weather. I love the weather here, although sometimes it can get a bit extreme. Winters are fairly cold, summers are fairly hot. Spring this year lasted only a few days, between the snowstorms and the extreme heat. Fall is usually beautiful, because it's a little chilly, but not too cold.
It's a small town in the country, so the "country-folk" know the true beauty of the area that most people would overlook as they drive through town.
Small town that features a large park, and an alligator sanctuary, but that's about it.
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There's very few businesses, because it's such a small town. There is a laundromat that is being updated, there's a tiny convenience store, and a small drug store/hardware store, as well as a chain store, and two gas stations, but that's about it.
Properties vary in size, as well as the houses. Most of the houses are older houses that have been renovated to accommodate larger/smaller families.
It's a small town, with a large park that's perfect for kids, and an alligator sanctuary that's fun for everyone. There's farmer markets each week in the summer, and a Summer Homecoming. Friday night football is huge for the community, as well as Spring/Summer baseball/softball.
There are two dining options in town: the bar or the diner. Both have great food, but if you want something other than typical diner/bar foods, then you're out of luck.
The town police are pretty good at keeping their thumbs on the trouble-makers, and the town is pretty graffiti/vandalism free.
It's a small town, where most of the businesses are forced to leave or go out of business. There was recently a Dollar General built and it's doing fairly well, but it takes business away from the local, Mom and Pop stores that we've always had.
It's a typical small town - there's people who don't know what exercise is, but there are many people who go for walks or bike rides, or even rollerblade very often.
Extremely pet and family friendly. Without families, the town wouldn't be what it is. We have a Summer Homecoming each year, and the whole town comes out to support it and the Court members. We also have Farmers' Markets during the summer that are always bustling with people because of the various products.
It's a small town with some traffic from truckers, but it's not congested. It's safe enough for kids to ride around on their bikes with friends and not worry about traffic much.
The community is wonderful: there are many homely people who genuinely care about others and the welfare of the community.
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