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I got some good buys. The employees I spoke with were very kind. The store was clean. the only negative thing was, I have been looking for KIWI Express Shine in Black for the last month and haven't found it in the display. I have gone to the McCain store in North Little Rock they didn't have it there. May I ask Why?
Have a great day. Billy Carter 501 350 3470
Sherwood is full of open-minded, free-spirit people. If you're in need of anything, then this community will fulfill that. Everyhting's accessible, every place is close to eachother and it's just a beautiful place. It's full of nature and experiences.
Sherwood is a nice place to live. People are very friendly and family oriented. Sherwood is also know for giving back to the community, you will also see someone walking around asking for donations to build Sherwods community. This commuity is popular for its cleaness and friendlyness.
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The community is safer than most and offers a wide variety of programs and activities for the whole community to become involved in.
It's mostly as you would expect from a suburb outside of Little Rock. It's often quiet with low traffic except near the interstate. There's relatively little crime as compared to Little Rock, but there aren't quite as many restaurants as the city. The schools available also aren't ideal but good schools can definitely be found.
Very nice place to live, very little disturbance. Most of the residents are friendly, and Sylvan Hills is a good school.
its quiet and safe. schools are nice. neighborhoods are well taken care of. neighbors are kind. low crime rate.
Sherwood is laid out well so that traffic is not much of a problem. All the main shopping areas are close by, like Wal-mart and Kroger. It is also very close to the freeway, allowing quick access to Little Rock and North Little Rocks amenities. However, it could use a little sprucing up. Particularly the landscaping on the main streets. There is also a few neighborhoods that are a bit run down. The schools are average for Arkansas, however the middle school and high school both have new buildings.
All in all, my city is pretty quiet and has a nice selection of restaurants and local bakeries...I would like to see more for kids to do (i.e theme parks, parks, more art galleries) but for the most part it is a nice place to live
I've lived in Sherwood since birth; I've never lived in any other area. Sherwood has a strong police department and folks in office are kind. This town has upped it's crime rate over the years and decreased it's living value. The youth have almost no where to "hang out" and enjoy being young. I believe Sherwood has great potential; if we banded to decrease crime and increase building up our youth, Sherwood could become a prosperous town.
I love the small town feel with nearly everything being less than a 30 min drive away. The people are mostly very sweet and will help you with anything. Most neighborhoods tend to be quiet and safe. The town is also very clean. I have only lived here a little over a year but I don't want to move.
Sherwood feels very safe. It's very family-oriented - no businesses that aren't family friendly. There are plenty of parks around town. While our city continues to grow, there is still a small town feel to it. It's also a very short drive from the Jacksonville/Cabot area and North Little Rock/Little Rock. You're out of the hustle and bustle of the city, but close enough to all of the fun.
I love how quiet it is. It's extremely peaceful and convenient as far as stores go. I can walk my dog, ride a bicycle, things of different eateries around. If you go on certain days you will run into some of the same friendly faces.
Sherwood is the perfect little big town to live in. It is in perfect location from the capital city and the airport.
The police show no interest in improving crime, other than speeding. Schools are limited by the district and really should split. The City Council is corrupt.
My overall experience with Sherwood Arkansas is a 5 star. I have stayed in Sherwood for about four years and I love it here. It's very peaceful, the people are awesome. The school are also amazing as well.
I like most of Sherwood. Some places arent the best but its a good place in others. It is really expensive to rent or buy in though.
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We have our own police in Sherwood so we are very protected. All of the neighbors in my cultisac know each other and kids play together when its hot outside. It's a nice safe place in live if you come to little rock Arkansas
Sherwood is a great town with lots of restaurants and people. I’d love to see more attractions throughout Sherwood
It is very quiet, the community is kind and caring. If there is anyone in need whether its in the store and they can't reach it or if someone has fallen outside. I had seen many citizens rushed by to help a senior citizen. I have personally seen an adult asscort a lost kid in the store to the front, so they could do a call over the speaker. I have also been struggling to reach an item on the top shelf, because I am five feet tall and a senior lady in a scooter afford to help get it for me. I finally got it but it was very thoughtful for her to offer it.
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