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The sheriffs department always is present and does a great job of being there for community members in any way that they can help.
Anderson township is a wonderful community where helping one another and spending quality time together is encouraged. It is the perfect size; it's small enough to have peacefulness and privacy, but big enough to have many different and fun activity/shopping/dining options. I love where I come from and wouldn't change a thing.
I love living here. There is always something going on and it's easy to get involved. My family lives in a great neighborhood with lots of kids and I grew up living next to my best friends. The school district is phenomenal and safe.
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Where I lived, the people were really kind and generous and so very welcoming when my family moved in. The school district was rated excellent every year by the state and I didn't see it changing any time soon. My high school, Turpin High School, won the silver award for being one of the highest ranked schools in the nation. Children definitely receive a high quality of education in a safe and inviting environment. There was also very many choices for entertainment and fun things to do. My family personally loved to go to the Reds games and I loved to go to Newport and look around and visit the aquarium. There were many safe and beautiful parks and many fun school events. There were also many opportunities to give back to the community and serve others which I absolutely loved. I am very grateful that I grew up in Anderson township. I always felt safe and at home and happy. I received an excellent education that is helping me now through college. I would do it all over and move to Anderson with my family if I got the chance. The future only looks brighter.
There is one main strip with anything you could think of to eat. The restaurants are all high quality and are usually able to seat you quickly
Can be humid and very snowy.
People genuinely care for each other.
The Ohio is gorgeous as are the parks
Everyone is tolerant and accepting
Could be better, could be worse.
Recent pop ups of heroin use have been in the news
Awesome houses but can be expensive
Great for the most part!
Recent construction projects are annoying.
Could be better, could be worse.
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