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Sherrelwood is a mostly quite neighborhood with multiple schools near by. A variety of shopping centers just a couple blocks away.
Cops are around but that doesn't seem to stop anyone.
I grew up here, it's home. But it's not the safest.
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Police cruisers are rarely seen. There are some unsavory characters living in the neighborhood, but never personally felt unsafe
Although the area has seen growth in surrounding neighborhoods, not much has expanded or revitalized the neighborhood near me.
Nice area to live in. No creepy people. Great to place to start a family.
The neighborhood is clean and quiet. Nice area to raise a family.
There are lots of uninsured people in the area and hospital/health care facility accessibility is quite poor. I stay physically active but there are not many workout facilities in the area. there are local fitness chains 5-10miles away.
It's mostly hispanic/low income area. People don't tend to move in/out often. There are thefts/crimes around the area from time to time. there are no community events.
Colorado does not have many natural disasters like the coast side, but wildfire/drought/winter storms tend to be a problem. Not many around my neighborhood though. Schools do not close often due to these. people have very warm winter gear.
There are only fast food chains and no nightlife options here.
This is a mostly hispanic/low income area, and again there are only small family owned mom-and-pop shops and fast food chains/grocery shops, with not much opportunities for career development. I do not know what most people do in the area but I would guess working for grocery shops, auto shops, etc.
there are not many big companies in the area - there are fast food chains and mom-and-pop small businesses and liquor shops. If I drive 30 minutes I can get to big malls and popular stores.
Colorado weather is perfect. Not to hot nor cold- yet always changing. The air is refreshing and being a mile closer to the sun makes for a perfect summer tan.
Easy employment options. I found a job by walking in and asking for an app, with and on spot interview.
I live near some of my favorite restaurants.
Thornton area is nice. Average middle class neighborhoods. Few mom and pop shops, mostly corporations. The roads are really bad though.
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Its a regular town with all of the commodities
Its okay it isn't common to be crimes here, but it isn't a perfect place.
There aren't that many disasters that happen in tis part of town
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