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I grew up in Sherrard. It has gone down a little since I've grown up, but it is still a nice small country town.
This town is very small and does not have much to offer. There is potential here, with many vacant buildings that could be transformed into thriving businesses. There is a place for life, although it is yet to be fulfilled.
Most of the small family owned stores have either shut down, or they have moved their business in to town. That doesn't mean that they have all gone elsewhere. There are still antique stores all over this area, and are quite popular with both locals and visitors. Other than the antique stores most people are still forced to take there shopping to the Quad Cities. Mostly because that's where the stores are located, and the variety of stores is much greater. Hy-Vee provides most of our grocery needs, AutoZone provides auto parts when our cars break down, Starbucks when we need our coffee, and Poncharos when we need a delicious burrito. Among multiple other stores, we are provided everything we need in our area.
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John Deere Headquarters is based out of the Quad Cities which is a 15 minute drive from Sherrard, and it is a huge employer to this area. Such a company is always growing, and is always in need for new employees. We also have multiple grocery stores in the area which employ many high school, and college students in the Quad Cities, such as myself. Besides these too examples my area provides jobs including convenience stores, restaurants, and many office buildings owned my local companies. The job outlook in the Quad Cities is great, and we're growing everyday.
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