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Sherman High School has a wonderful variety of Advanced Placement courses and AP teachers who do their best to care for each individual willing to learn. There are many fast food restaurants that are affordable when sports or busy family nights prevent home-cooked meals. However, the atmosphere is very complacent and impassioned towards the concept of getting better and working hard and doing things the right way. The attitude is "Oh well, it's Sherman" which justifies that is okay to give up each other and ourselves.
I live in Sherman, TX. I like living in Sherman because it isn't a huge city but it has enough room to grow and live. The only thing that I dislike is that there is a lot of expanding happening at the moment so there is a lot of road construction which can be a pain.
It has the necessities, and is only 90 minutes away from Dallas. Would not recommend for young single adults, there isn't much to do for that crowd. It was a decent place to grow up as a teenager though.
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I love living in Sherman, the atmosphere is friendly and everything is within hands reach. I commute a short distance for work which is nice. I have a 12 year old and the school systems are wonderful.
Ive lived here my whole life and this town, without a doubt, has its perks and its weaknesses. But as we are entering a new time where everything is changing around us, I do see Sherman heading in the right direction.
At first I really enjoyed living here, however, they dramatically increased the property taxes. This caused my mortgage payment to increase by $300.00 per month. There are a lot of people who are being forced to move, due to the drastic increase in cost of living.
Moved here a year ago. The shopping is a joke. Don’t expect to buy good produce here. The teens hang out at the parks doing drugs. People always have their bulk garbage on the curb all the time. Trailer trash town. Ppl are rude but those who moved here from other states
I love that it’s growing and expanding while still maintaining that country town feel. As a high school student, we have a rivalry with Denison which keeps things interesting. It brings the town together in supporting their high school. It also keeps the communities active and improving.
I would like more recreational places for middle school, high school, and young adults to do. Although the town is growing, we do not have many things to do. Besides that, I do really enjoy living in Sherman.
It's not what an American city should be! But Hopefully the border wall will get built and slow the drugs and crime down.
very average and needs lots of change and improvement. very little diversity in races as well as beliefs religiously and politically. would not recommend to anyone ever! do not come here u will regret it
Not too small or big of a town. Gives off a close community feel while having everyday needs available. Growing in size.
The town has a lot of places to shop an eat but little to no places for entertainment. The living is fairly cheap compared to McKinney and Dallas area, and overall it is a safe town with the exception of a few choice areas.
Sherman is a place to go when you want to be between city and country. A little shopping but a lot of open land.
Sherman is Dystopian. I was born and raised in Sherman and the economy was great here in the 90s. Over the last 10 years Sherman has gone downhill and struggled to recover from the recession. Sherman has lost so many economically stimulating companies such as Folger’s Coffee, Johnson & Johnson, and countless other retailers. Sherman still has Texas Instruments, TMC, and most recently Finisar to continue generating somewhat of a workforce but don’t plan on a lucrative salary at any business unless you’re an engineer or work in healthcare. It’s easy to get stuck in Sherman because of the lack of income...the schools are mediocre, crime is the only thing you hear about on the news. Sherman wants so badly to be the next McKinney but it isn’t going to happen. They thought Sherman was up and coming when I was a kid and they’re still saying the same thing. It’s just not happening. Run.
A growing city with a small town feel. Sherman continues to grow and have all of the amenities of the big city with the friendly feel of a small town.
I have lived in Sherman Texas my whole life. it is a little town with little to do, its kind of run down but that's what gives it character. I like that some of the people here are kind and giving. But something I would change about Sherman is that it doesn't have very many places for the kids to go and hang out with their friends. The only thing Sherman has to offer to young people is the public pools, movie theater and the skating rink. oh and there are a lot of places that have amazing food! When I was younger I would always go to the skating rink with my friends and hang out. After all the time I spent there I'm still not good at skating...
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Great community more restaurants place to go for fun with or without children. More shopping stores available for all your needs. The recent updates in the area have made a nice place to be in. The community is great and most of the people our caring.
I just moved back to Sherman, my hometown, from Dallas. I was there for four years and got to experience some of what it had to offer. My family and friends are in Sherman so I was ready to come back home. I would be even more excited to be back if there were more social activities for people my age such as poetry slams, Dave N Busters and more museums. I also wish that there were more affordable housing options. The college that I'm currently attending has a great reputation and a pretty good list of degrees to choose from so I'm satisfied with that. As far as the crime rate, I'm not really sure of how much happens but it's not as much as Dallas. In my opinion, it's a great place to settle down and raise a family. Overall, I love my little town!
What I like about Sherman is the food is fantastic. There are tons of food options. Their movie theater is always updated with awesome movies.
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