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My family and I moved here just a little over a year ago and have found the town quite lonely. Many people keep to themselves, and community events are at times minimal and distanced. We do love the safety of the town for the simple fact that it is safer to raise our child than the larger cities in oregon. We ended up buying a house here due to the costs of properties in Oregon and have found it a calm and quiet place to live.
I like that Sheridan is a small community where everyone seems to know each other. I also like that there are programs for students in high school to get job experience at a local shop. Even though Sheridan has a small high school the teachers get to know the students which helps with learning.
Sheridan is a decent town, the kind where a lot of people know each other and the chances of seeing someone you know are pretty good. The only thing I would like to see changed is the fact that I feel like there's too much crime and drug abuse and it can sometimes be a, somewhat, unnerving place; but other than that, it's a pretty good place to live.
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There are to many drug related crimes in this town. I would like to see some change in the area including housing as well as local areas.
Sheridan has quite a few newer homes though most people cannot afford them, the houses that are more affordable seem to be in rough shape/falling apart.
The people in this area are very community orientated. This community has really got the small town stereotype.
Faulkner Chapman is a great school for our youngsters, however I feel that the High school could be better.
True value hardware store is our only hardware/home improvement store in Sheridan. They are very friendly there and give you that small hometown feel.
Lots of rain (it is Oregon) great place for gardeners.
There have been a few significant drug busts in the area lately, as well as some vandalism but for the most part everyone looks out for one another.
Local businesses are really good at providing great customer service. They are also great at stoking the shelves with relative materials.
The overall job market in the Yamhill County area is looking pretty good as far as I can tell. I have always been able to find work doing what I like to do.
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