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Sheridan is a great place to grow up and raise a family. The schools are excellent. The pathway system is great.
Sheridan is an amazing town where all the people are friendly and there is plenty of outdoor space to go and explore.
The community comes together like a family in support. With an amazing view of the environment especially in the winter with the snow icing the mountains.
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Sheridan is a thriving mountain town rich with iconic American West history, plenty of outdoor opportunities, a flourishing craft culture scene, and is beginning to diversify economically, bringing in new jobs and families.
Sheridan is a super chill town with lots of kids who get out and hang out with plenty of others. Sheridan is a place everyone should visit! it super beautiful, and is overall and super interesting community.
It is a small town with a lot of love and support in the community. The public schools provide a lot of opportunities to students through activities and college courses that allow them to get a head start in life. The area itself is beautiful.
I have just moved to Sheridan. It is better than where I was living in Casper Wyoming.

I am a Wyoming native and this town feels like home.

That said, it is not perfect and the people can be nice but they are no different from anywhere else.

Crime seems to be low but it is not without crime. The town had a murder a few months ago that they seem to keep quiet about.

There are drugs here and other issues but it is, a beautiful area and by far the best town to live in. The state of Wyoming.
I currently live in Sheridan. My family has been here for 15 years. It's a small town that has tons to offer. Outdoor activities year round include rodeo, polo, mountain biking, hiking and running in the summer, skijoring (horse pulling a skier along a snow course), Christmas Stroll in the winter. These are just a few of the family friendly activities that draw the crowds to Sheridan. Housing is expensive and limited but can usually be worth the investment. Education is second to none.
Sheridan is a beautiful town. My main issue is that it still has some leaps to go in terms of diversity. Despite having lots of beauty in terms of the town some people have ugly reactions to those that are not cisgendered, straight and white. I as a dark skinned person can stared at like they have never seen black skin before. There are more black people and people of color here then I expected. Once they start opening their hearts and minds to all people, then this will be a perfect place to live.
Sheridan is a very welcoming community with a lot to offer! From amazing historical sights to hikes through the mountains. It is a very quiet town, with little to no crime. Everyone knows everyone and we're all friends. I would love to see some bigger businesses coming into town, and they are! We just got Famous Footwear, and I believe we are in great need of a Target. Or a mall!
I enjoy Sheridan for its small yet vast population and because it is so close to the mountains and outdoor activities. I would like to see more places to eat besides fast food and more activities to do in the winter other than snow sports or bowling. Overall Sheridan is a beautiful are with a very good vibe.
Sheridan is a wonderful place to raise a family. It offers the best of small, western town life. The mountains are located nearby. The schools are the ranked #1 in the state of WY. The restaurants are very good and there are even a couple of local brew pubs. There are plenty of activities for children all throughout the year. This area of WY is considered "God's Country" and it truly is a wonderful and beautiful place to live. There are plenty of outdoor activities available for the whole family which is really great: camping, hiking, boating, skiing, skating, music festivals, rodeos, art festivals, food festivals, family community gatherings, church gatherings, and many more fun-filled activities for the whole family. I have lived many places around the US but this is my home. The people of Sheridan are very welcoming and kind. You can always find a helping hand if needed.
Its always a magical place, right next to the mountains. There are friendly faces everywhere you go, plenty on open range, but enough population to be a town. Its home to country and city all at one time.
The mountains are only 30 minutes away. Four seasons gives plenty of recreation in this area. It's not a big city but it does offer a variety of entertainment. Community college has excellent instructors and mentors.
Awesome place to visit and live. The only thing that would be nice to see is more kiddo friendly activities.
Sheridan is a cute quaint town, but for me living there is tough, there is not a lot and you have to go long distances to have more choices, but if you like small-town life it is great.
Sheridan provides a real small town atmosphere. Low population and not a lot of variety for shopping. It does have a wonderful small town community vibes. Families and the community are always willing to help each other out. Health care here is good.
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Great community. Great people. Always feel safe and there seems like there is always something to do.
A great place to visit and to live. The mountains add such an amazing view of beautiful country. Peaceful community with lots of nice people.
This is like a big family to me. Most people who live here have strong values and are trustworthy. We all look out for each other, and there is little crime. It is very picturesque located at the foot of the Big Horn Mountains, and there are plenty of outdoor activities to choose from year round. Sheridan is somewhat isolated from the rest of the world being 125 miles from the nearest "city," but the people here are fully aware and interested in current events.
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