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Lived here all of my life. There is an amazing access to the surrounding wilderness, rich in game( moose, deer, antelope). Though if you want to settle here, then expect to buy land or a home ( which ain't cheap), there is no rentals around here
A small, Montana town with a good school. There is a good community feel where everyone knows each other. Everyone helps each other.
This area is an incredible area to live in. As a teenager, it can be at times hard to find activities to do but there are many ways to make use of the incredible environment. I did not like growing up here because there was no activities for me to do but as I got older, I realized that there were many things to do that I did not know about or try. This area is a perfect spot to raise a family because the crime rate is low and the education is great. I will move from this area within six months but may be back to raise a family.
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This area is very small which results in small traffic. A down-side of being small is that a transportation bus, train, or taxi is not available. The nearest town that would offer a bus, train, or taxi is roughly an hour and a half away. Many stores are walk-able but since parking is not an issue, most individuals drive. Recently, there has been construction on Main Street which has slowed traffic along with business.
The four seasons are very noticeable in this area. The Winter is welcoming with snow and cold weather while the Summer consists of hot, dry weather. The Fall brings pretty leaves falling to the ground and the Spring glows with vibrant colors of the leaves reaching for Summer.
The food and drink options in this area are very poor. However, as I was growing up in the area, many more restaurants were available. There is only about two restaurants in my town and two restaurants in the neighboring town eight miles away. The gourmet restaurant is a very nice feature to the neighboring town but my area only offers a version of "fast food" consisting of burgers, sandwiches, and other non-healthy choices.
There are only a select few businesses, excluding restaurants, that offer jobs to younger aged people. The overall job outlook is average but the area is large in ranching and farming. Most people work a ranching or farming job but there are a couple different businesses that may have larger employment list like the hardware store or bank.
There are only local businesses in this area. There is a small variety of stores and no major large companies. If you depended on living here and not wanting to travel to get everything that you would need to live in a year, it would be impossible or very expensive. We have no clothing stores and only a single grocery store. We contain no electronic store and are roughly an hour from the closest mall.
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