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Sheridan has been my home for 20 years now. This place has given me so many memories, best friends, and life lessons. The community is so close knit, and everyone has each other’s backs. When there is tragedy, we all hurt. When there is victory, we all celebrate. We do these things together. Sheridan is the best place to call home.
Sheridan is a really good town, but i gave it 4 stars for a reason. It's a nice small town, but it does have some problems with diversity. There are many different races that live there, but the strongest race in this town is Caucasian. This makes it kind of difficult for different races. Other than that the schools are amazing and so is safety.
Sheridan is an old town trying to build itself up. The millage passed and the schools are all getting upgrades which is good. The surrounding building and houses are mostly old and run down though and could use some upgrades. In terms of fun things to do, there are none.
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Sheridan is a small town out in central Arkansas. It's a very conservatively viewed town with very little racial diversity. There are not many attractions other than the annual Timber Fest held every year. The people are very friendly and will almost certainly help you out in any time of need. Overall, Sheridan, Arkansas is an average town with little nightlife and not many attractions, but plenty of friendly neighborhoods and people.
Sheridan is a small town, and as such, everyone knows everyone. It's quiet, and a pretty nice place to live. I like it, but it's not diverse at all.
Sheridan is a great town, it just needs more businesses and things to do locally. There are a few boutiques that are great but the food is limited. A positive thing is that it is not too far from other towns, it is about the same distance to each surrounding town to go visit.
Quiet safe community with less than an hour commute to Little Rock.
Safe schools with helpful teachers overall a great place to raise kids.
I just moved here from Ga. The town is very small. Everyone is very friendly; however, there is nothing to do except shop at Walmart and eat at Moo-Moo's Cafe. You have to travel 35-45 minutes if you want to do anything (watch a movie, shop, dine out). If you like the small town atmosphere, then Sheridan is perfect for you!
Small community so everybody knows eachother. Everyone is very kind and well-mannered. You know who is who and their family. The traffic is never bad and there are cute little shops around town. There is all types of food throughout the small town that you could choose from. Everyone is very open and not very judgemental about how people look or act. Unless you are rowdy. It is a very southern town so expect to see american flags all over the place. Front porches usually contain a rocking chair and a sweet tea pitcher.
I liked how easy it is to get to where you want to go in Sheridan. Small towns are great in that regard. I do, however, feel that Sheridan would benefit from actively trying to be a more diverse community. It can feel like being the odd one out when you are a bisexual atheist living in a mostly non-LGBTQAI+ friendly Christian community.
I love the small town country feel Sheridan has to offer. Everyone is close and friendly to eachother welcoming newcomers with open arms. However, I wish the town of Sheridan would bring in more enterainment type cooperations so you wouldn’t have to go out of town to have fun.
I have only lived in Sheridan for a couple of years but I find it to be quite nice. I live in the country but it doesn't take me forever to get to Little Rock.
Sheridan is a very small town. It is full of kind, honest, helpful people who enjoy the calm small town life. The community is full of avid hunters and independent business owners. The schools are very good. The crime rate is low. The only issues here are that sometimes its hard to connect with the community if you are new to town. The drawbacks about the schools in Sheridan are that they do play favorites. I experienced this from the Sheridan middle school all the way to high school. There are more kind, caring people in Sheridan than rude people. Sheridan is just like any other small town, it has its up sides and its draw backs. You just have to find the right people to surround yourself with like anywhere else and you will have an easy going life.
I enjoy my stay here. Been living here for almost 5 years now. The school district is really good. And the homes are lovely.
Sheridan is a very safe and intriguing place that provides many opportunities for all who visit or live within the town. It is a quite little town, but has a great atmosphere.
Sheridan is a close-knit community. Everyone knows and supports each other in exciting as well as difficult times.
No major violent crimes, really. There is a drug problem in the area due largely to the lack of activities for youth to do.
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Sheridan is a very small town with a clique-y social life. The people are friendly, but they don't readily accept you unless you are long-time residents and/or have money. The schools are okay, but if your child has special needs, then go somewhere else.
I just think the cops should come out and drive the area every once and a while just to make sure everything is okay.
I love this area I'm on the volunteer fire department and so is my parents. I have lived in Sheridan my whole life and it is where I call home.
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