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I enjoyed the diverse set of people I came into contact with. I met people from all over the place and enjoyed hearing stories.
Quiet neighborhood. Aesthetically, it seems that the city is trying to promote cleanliness here. Ive seen a street sweeper go by so it's a start. Along the highways and unoccupied lots need attention however.
Lots of problems... High crime and poor area. Roadsnacks just listed Sheridan as 2nd most dangerous in Colorado for 2019. Unemployment, graffiti and homeless people have become too common.
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Sheridan is a small community. I feel safe living here because everybody knows each other. If you every need assistance from your local police department, they are there in an instant. Flyers and newsletters are placed at your door keeping you informed of local news and school events and progress.
Living in Sheridan for almost 16 years now has definitely been a great time. It's a small town so you really get to know everybody, or at least know of them. The people here a generally really kind and helpful. Since mostly everyone who lives in Sheridan goes to Sheridan School District #2, you get to meet everyone during the back to school events or at the parent teacher conferences. We just recently got a brand new school that is 3rd-8th grade and really added to the whole aesthetic of Sheridan.
We are not a high-end town, but we are slowly modifying everything and looking well put together. Habitat for Humanity is building new condos which means that we will soon have more modern houses and more room to house people.
I love Sheridan because it really feels like I have made a whole new family here. It's a tight nit community and it is very diverse.
There is a lot of places to work out, lots of paths, there is a rec center close to the schools and it's very affordable. There are a lot of gyms to choose from, but eating healthy isn't something that's promoted often.
There is no danger for tornadoes, but it does snow often, there have been a few times when school has been cancelled or delayed. It's really cold during the winter, but very hot in the summer, and unless it snows, there is a chance of droughts.
There is a lot of small restaurants to pick and choose from, most are small and somewhat affordable, but apart from that there aren't many places for entertainment.
Most jobs consist of fast food places.
There isn't very many large stores.
People have jobs, but I don't know if they like those jobs.
There are some local businesses but not a lot.
There aren't too many food options. Just mainly Mcdonalds.
Most of the jobs are located on Hampden Ave, about 15 blocks away from here. I have worked in a few places I have liked but haven't found the right job that pays well. Most people are unemployed here and hang around the apartments all day.
Where I live, it is for low income people. There are a lot of couples fighting and always the same people. We are kind of away from everything for a few blocks and there are just schools and lots of grass. It gets boring here and I wouldn't want to live here again.
Around here there are some sidewalks that are missing and you have to walk on the side of the street. There are a lot of schools and parks and public transportation runs right through here. Parking here is okay, sometimes you have to park far away but in the same parking lot. There is never traffic, it's always just a few cars on the road but not any congested areas.
Houses around here are very beautiful. One attraction this area is known for is Fort Logan which is an insanity place. We live right across the street from Fort Logan and have had some strange interactions. Sheridan high school and middle school are down the street also and hold many events.
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