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I like Sherburne because of the small town feel and the close family feel with the community. I have been in the country my whole life and i like the country feel.
It is a great place to live. There are many wonderful small business' that succeed and help out the community. It is a very small, tight knit community where people are always willing to help out.
Sherburne is your typical small town. The residents know one another, everyone grew up here or their parents grew up here. There is not a booming job market in the area, most resients work in the surrounding towns. The night life is limited, and generally there is a driving distance to attractions. There are a few grocery stores, churches and eateries to choose from. Real Estate is reasonable, but the rentals are primarily owned by a few people and have high rent. The town itself has a deep and interesting history.
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Sherburne is a very small, quaint village in central/upstate New York with a population of roughly 1500 people. It's surrounded by beautiful rolling hills and country. If you're a city person who enjoys a bustling environment with a night life and shopping, this is not for you. The closest shopping mall or commercial airport is an hour away. There is only one bar in Sherburne and it's very "country"/good ole boys. But if you enjoy simple living and a quiet town, you'll enjoy Sherburne. It's very safe, I often walk side streets late at night for exercise. There is minimal traffic, except on the main route running through the middle of town (route 12) where there is some through traffic. There are not many jobs here unless you work for the school or the telephone company, which has a plant center here (Frontier Communications). The school is one of the best in New York State.
It’s a nice friendly town, everyone knows just about everyone else. Unfortunately there is nothing close by.
A very cute small town. Very nice community with many services in the area. The best ice cream place, Gilligan's, can be found in town. Easy to walk around from place to place.
The crime in the neighborhood is mostly drug related, past that, there isn't much crime. However, it seems this area has quite a few sex offenders.
This area has good schools, but an abundance of poverty.
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