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Nice small town with lots of farming land, private property, but has a great school system connected with the town of Dover. However, taxes are very high.
Lovely small town but the people are educated and not wasting time gossiping. They also raise kids who take education seriously in our #1 ranked school system. Beautiful trails where you could go on hikesand snow shoeing and forget that you're only 18miles from downtown Boston. During off-hours (I have a flexible job), I could make it to Boston and Cambridge in 40mins. There is a lot of open space (1-2 acre zoning) so we help forestall climate change. Pristine Farm Pond is the cleanest body of water in the state. When we want restaurants and shops, Wellesley center and Natick Mall are only 15mins away. Great Market Basket supermarket 10 mins away in Ashland. Mass Pike exit 13 is only 15mins away when I take the route through Framingham.
I love living in Sherborn Massachusetts, it was an awesome place to grow up! The small town makes for a tight-knit, inclusive community. The cute New England Town only has a few places, but that is all Sherborn needs to continue to prosper. The town pond, Farm Pond, is perfect for the summer. You can do swim lessons or sailing lessons and it is a great place to cool off! The Dover-Sherborn school system is one of the best in Massachusetts and it is a great place for kids to prosper!
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Sherborn has a great trail system. As soon as my son was about 11-12 years old, he was free to roam the extensive trails near our house and the high school. He knows a lot about birds and the ecosystem and is a National Merit Scholar. The school system is excellent and he was encouraged and challenged by similarly motivated peers. It is a great place for a child to grow up doing healthy, intellectual activities. Farm Pond is pristine and he learned to sail and swim on it. I have also used the trails to cross country ski and snowshoe. Kingsbury Club in Medfield is also near for gym and tennis. For shopping and dining, Natick Mall and Wellesley center are 15mins away. When it's not rush hour, Boston and Cambridge are 35-40mins away ( avoid 7-9:30am and 4:15- 6:15pm). Then we could drive home to serenity.
I live here and love it here! It's the best town to be if you like the outdoors and like having great neighbors. The open spaces that the town tries to maintain is one of the best things about the town. The community is great! The need for wells and the open spaces make it imperative that the town uses less salt during winter. Slow down there! We have the luxury of having all the stores over on route 9, a ten minute drive, without having to live next to them. No public transportation like any suburb of boston, so car is a necessary. Farm pond brings its own charm to the place. Everyone here is environment conscious and do everything possible to be green. Overall the best town for families and I wouldn't live anywhere else!
Its hard to find a job unless you go about half an hour away
No too hot in the summer, mostly - great snowy winters.
Hardly any local jobs - most commute into the city.
This place is a little bubble. Not sure how accepting folks are, as I have very limited contact with super locals.
As long as you don't have any emergencies, you'll be fine.
People here definitely put energy into maintaining the great outdoors.
I don't know what other folks are up to and can't speak to the prevalence of most of the things mentioned. Great running and biking etc. No easy gym access though.
It's great if you don't want to go out; good for reclusive folks.
Must have car to get to grocery. there are basic supplies at the local gas station in the center of town, but they're more expensive.
People only visit if they're here to see family or friends. No "culture" to speak of.
Beautiful place, but not much socializing unless you've got a kid in the local schools. Some community events, mostly around the library.
Absolutely no public transportation. Must have car or access to car or bike.
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Unless you have a car, there is only 1 nice restaurant (w alcohol) and maybe 2 or 3 lunchy places.
I haven't had much experience here. We were broken into once, nothing was ever recovered. Police were fine though. No shootings, drive-bys, hit-and-runs etc.
It's New England weather, so you have to be able to take the good woth the bad. If you don't like/can't handle the snow then its not the place for you.
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