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I like that it feels like a small town and everyone is super friendly. I wish that in certain areas there wasn't as much drug use.
There isn’t too much to do here but it’s home. We have stores of course but there isn’t much site seeking activities which I wish that there were.
There are plenty of places to eat; almost any fast food restaurant in the town. They offer all health services here, so you don't have to go out of town. Everything is at least 5 to 8 miles away from homes. It's a convenient place to live because it's only 1.5 miles away from a major city in Kentucky, which is Louisville. It's close to the state's capitol: Frankfort. As well as miles away from Indiana and close to many waterways.
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Shepherdsville is a good suburb to live in and raise a family as long as you're in the right places. Drugs are an issue out here but if you want the closeness to Louisville without the crazy rent.
Horrible rude people everywhere, mostly all white racist, holier than thou, judgemental, selfish snobs, child support office don't do their job, food stamp office is a joke, all stores are always out of everything, church people use coupons to clean store shelves, churches bribe you with food & money to go sit on the pew, nothing for kids but kart kountry where 10 bucks will last 5 mins, lot's of big truck syndrome that try push you off road, especially at night no one knows how to turn off brights, too much traffic, schools do nothing about bullying, cps workers are corrupt, health centers are dirty & unprofessional, only one mental health center, it's overcrowded like everything else, lot's of family clicks out here that will take a pic of you, and put it on f.b page just because they don't like the way you look, with no evidence people will believe whatever & humiliate you, only good thing I can say about this place is the police, sheriffs, and the library.
Shepherdsville is a small town that is actually one of the biggest places for sexual assault and sex trafficking. Because it is right off the corridors of two main highways, it’s easily accessible to those who wish to inflict harm on others.
The city itself has become run down and it doesn’t offer many restaurants besides fast food and loads of chicken places. It lacks shopping centers and uniqueness.
Shepherdsville has been a place where I have met some of my life long best friends. The community is full of welcoming neighbors and the security of our city is very secure.
Shepherdsville is a very nice area. It is safe and very close to a lot of schools such as Roby elementary, Bullitt Lick Middle School, Riverview Opportunity Center, and Bullitt Central High School.
It used to be an amazing place to live, over the last few years it has gone down hill because it is expanding so much so fast, still not horrible but I'm ready to be out of the city
It is not bad to live in Shepherdsville. It has the most fast food restaurants in a 1-mile radius. There are so many diverse options for fast food. The city usually adds 1-4 new restaurants every year so there is always something for everyone, even the pickiest eaters. More people are working and living in Shepherdsville and traffic is becoming a problem. There is only one major road, highway 44, that runs throughout the city of Shepherdsville. There has been a little bit of construction to add a bypass and to add more lanes, but it isn't enough. There aren't many doctor offices and there isn't a fully-functional hospital. If you need anything major, it's best to drive 30 minutes to Louisville.
I moved here four years ago with my Husband. The neighbors were welcoming and helpful. There are many different expansions going on with new businesses, restaurants and a public library due to open next year. The schools are very interactive with the children. I am pleasantly surprised by this community.
Didn't used to be as bad as it has become today but overall its a small city & there's not as much drugs, crime, violence as most areas around.
There needs to be more professional career opportunities. However, I am excited to report that school test scores are jumping exponentially! Over time this will make our community more attractive to such businesses.
Shepherdsville has the small town feeling where you know your neighbors and look out for each other, yet it is still rather close to the city life. I love my hometown and never plan on leaving it again!
Shepherdsville has been home to me and my family for many years and as a citizen of shepherdsville I am glad to see that it is growing as a community. The only thing I would like to see more of in shepherdsville is childcare. Daycare centers and businesses of the like, are hard to find- especially within this community. As a single mother that is full time in college, it is relieving to have a safe and close place to take my child.
Shepherdsville is a small little town where everyone knows everyone! It's a safe, kid and pet friendly city with access to highways and convenience to food, gas stations, schools, and fun.
I enjoy living in shepherdsville ky. It's not too built up but plenty of businesses around. The bullitt county schools are amazing. The government officials are very involved.
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Small town feel without losing out on city amenities. The neighborhoods are maintained well and the schools are community oriented. Whether it's sports, fundraising, or a personal accomplishment the schools try to stay involved and promote diversity. The locally owned and operated businesses try to stay involved with the community as well. Donating time and resources to help support children's athletic or academic pursuits is a great reason why Shepherdsville is family friendly.
I've lived here my entire life, and it doesn't ever seem to change, it's still nice, quiet and small. At the same time though, I think it's time to expand and add some attractions/places to bring more people around.
Shepherdsville is a great place to live. It is quiet and friendly. You are removed from the big city enough to see the stars at night but not so far that you have to drive an hour to a mall. I love the small town feel and the land options here.
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